The Enchanted ForestIn a mysterious

The Enchanted ForestIn a mysterious world, there was a forest inhabited by these creatures called “mountain spirits”. The forest was said to be forbidden and whoever sets foot in it will never find their way back.One day, a small girl named “Ava” was found crying by a strange man named “Gin” wearing a mask.

He informed the little girl that he will disappear forever if he was touched by a human. He later leads the little girl out of the forest. Ava returns to visit Gin in the forest for the past few days and they become good friends despite that they can barely do anything since Gin couldn’t touch a human. At the end of summer, Ava had to leave Gin and return to the city for her studies. She promises to visit him every summer holiday.

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As years pass by, Gin hardly ages while Ava had grown to the point where she and Gin looks like the same age. At this point, Ava didn’t know what is going to happen to them in the future, while Gin wishes to he could touch and hold the young woman Ava has become. When Hotaru reaches high school, Gin took her to a date in a festival hosted by the spirits.


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