The Title VII makes it illegal to harass

The employers in a workplace are obligate and have responsibility to maintain a safe and secure that the workplace is free from the sexual harassment.

There are some ways that an employers can take to reduce the risk of sexual harassment occurring in the workplace. One of the ways is, create a strong sexual harassment policy. Each country has its own policy that prohibits sexual harassment. The policy should be begin with a statement that defines sexual harassment and how the organization not tolerate sexual harassment. For example, in US, a policy Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 is the main federal law that prohibits sexual harassment in that country. Title VII makes it illegal to harass someone on the basis of a protected characteristic such as sex, race and so on. In Malaysia, looking into the importance of managing sexual harassment at workplace, the Ministry of Human Resource have revised the Employment Act 1955 (EA1955) in the year 2012. The Ministry revised EA1955 by including the space and definition of sexual harassment under Section 2 and new section- Section 81 which emphasizes on sexual harassment complaints made by the victim and the investigation aand investigation process and action by HR department.

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