The of voice), body language (hand movements) and

The effective communication is the starting point to build up a relationship and the key of it are trust and respect. Through effective communication need to be able to give and receive informations to resolve conflicts, learning problems ( emotional problems too), help children and young people or even adults to be happy and secured by motionally and physically. It helps them to feel valued. It shows them that their feelings, interests, opinions, problems, fears are listened too. This gives them more self-confidence and helps to increase their self-esteem,build positive attitude and help them to create and build up positive relationship between their environment ( between other kids, other persons not only teacher/adult/parent)Each person are individual with individual needs and the only way to able to help and manage their positive development is that the teacher/caregiver/parents learn to communicate effectively in different ways. That can be the way how we speak (tone of voice), body language (hand movements) and eye contact.


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