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The Effect of GeneriKard on Relationship Marketing of Generika Drugstore Sta. Rosa Branch A Thesis presented to the College of Business and AccountancyIn partial fulfillment of the requirements for the degreeBachelor of Science in Business AdministrationMajor in Marketing ManagementBerana, Ana Jemaela B.Sumaylo, Lyndel Ivan B.Chapter 1IntroductionRelationship Marketing is a long-term association with customers. As indicated by Jeff Epsetin, Founder and CEO at Ambassador expressed that Relationship Marketing is creating positive brand acknowledgment and increment for a business through comprehension, cultivating and utilizing its connections. This limit you will have the capacity to residual your association with your clients by method for conveying and giving the correct contributions and supply them the benefit they merit with the contemporary and approaching clients.Loyalty card is an advertising procedure in which it is utilized by the organizations as an instrument to give persistent purchase to the shoppers. Loyalty card additionally called as reward card, points card and customer card.

Each time you buy an item you will procure focuses and you can guarantee your reward relies upon the organization’s reward framework. They could get the client’s data and they can straight forwardly advance a portion of their products by having some discounts and can have an aggressiveness against different organizations.In the present age up until the point that the ancient medication causes everybody to treat a disease. Ancient individuals from 3300 B.C. (5318 years back) were the first to utilize a natural pharmaceutical. Starting at now, meds have numerous ways how we can expend it, either by pills, fluid, and so forth. Medication is a counteractive action of ailments.

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Every individual gets an ailment or any sort of sicknesses, as an individual, expressly purchasing solution is basic these days for everybody in light of the fact that every individual needs to dispense with or keep those sorts of ailment or illnesses. Today, drugstores are currently regular for the customers who more often purchase social insurance product and medicine. On the off chance that they discuss drugstores here in the Philippines, the first and biggest drugstore in the Philippines amid the nineteenth century particularly in the 1960s is the Botica Boie and it was established in 1830 by a Spaniard, Dr. Lorenzo Negrao in Manila. Presently, the main drugstore in the Philippines is Mercury Drug which was established on March 1, 1945 by Mariano Que. Botica Boie and Mercury Drug are not simply the drugstores here in the Philippines, it additionally has South Star Drug that was built up in 1937, RiteMED that was established in 2003.Generika who opened its first drugstore in 2004 situated in Montillano, Muntinlupa.

In 2011, Generika Drugstore has set its ways in Visayas and Mindanao. Generika relentless in growing by setting more branches in regions and urban areas, as well as in residential communities and barangays. Filipinos adores to have discounts that activated numerous organizations to have discount card or loyalty card card only for their dearest clients. GeneriKard is the loyalty card of Generika Drugstore, when you are GeneriKard holder, you would now be able to appreciate discounts and some promotions in Generika for GeneriKard holders or loyalty card. This card likewise can procure focuses each time you purchase at any Generika Drugstore branch and recover the focuses to buy prescriptions at any Generika Drugstore branch. The GeneriKard has no lapse, subsequently, you can appreciate lifetime offers and benefits just with GeneriKard. You can have a GeneriKard for just P50 and with the expectation of complimentary when you buy P300 worth of generic medicines.The researchers began with a thought regarding the impacts of a loyalty card to its customers and they picked Generika customers to direct an examination and concocted a subject; “The Effect of GeneriKard on Relationship Marketing of Generika Drugstore Sta.

Rosa Branch”.This study aims to figure out what is the impact or effect of GeneriKard to the customers. Likewise, to create and promote the Generika Drugstore and its products through successful campaigns and promotions. To provide its marketing and competitive ability of their products and services advantages toward different drugstores in Sta. Rosa, Laguna. This study likewise centers around what will be the best strategies and courses for effective promotion to accomplish the coveted uniqueness and notoriety they merit and that may also result to build the quantity of their customers.Marketing Management students are trained and instructed in giving the best promotion and services to consumers. The question here is, how customers can know certain product promotions and services, at the same time what really customers or consumers want and look for a products and services.

This is the time when Marketing Strategies enters. Advertising Programs must be planned objectively by setting specific and achievable goals.Relationship Marketing of Generika is the main topic in this research. Also, to determine the ability of a business to sell and sold a certain product and services to the people, and in marketability it includes the effectiveness of the marketing strategy they already have.Review of Related LiteratureAs indicated by Shiri D. Vivek, Sharon E.

Beatty, and Robert M. Morgan, authors of the Customer Engagement: Exploring Customer Relationships Beyond Purchase that they have to center around people who connect with the brand, this implies they should know the post-buy exercises of buyers. As per the creators, Relationship Marketing (RM) includes “pulling in and setting up” connections since this could draw in and set up connections to the approaching clients and keep up association with the current clients. These communications called as client organization connections. Customer Engagement (CE) is a segment of Relationship Marketing (RM), which is relevant to both hostile and protective promoting procedures as said by the creators.

The Relationship between Loyalty Program, Customer Satisfaction and Customer Loyalty in Retail Industry: A Case Study composed by Ibhrahim Zakaria, Baharom Ab. Rahman, Abdul Kadir Othman, Noor Azlina Mohamed Yunus, Mohd Redhuan Dzulkipli, Mohd Akmal Faiz Osman says that loyalty program is said to be “points” or “rewards” programs that influenced clients to return for additional. This loyalty programs are offered in drugstores, corner stores, eateries, book shops, lodgings, shopping centers, and some more, they do this so they can make more clients and keep up the present clients. These thing exists here in the Philippines as Filipinos are into rewards and as often as possible goes for shopping and adores to purchase more stuff. This program additionally exists all around the globe. Organizations adds this strategy program to influence clients to remain faithful and to be perceive by others.

This is a successful program since clients pick up its particular prizes. As a researcher, the client dependability, consumer loyalty and loyalty program have distinctive importance yet has an association between each other. Client devotion implies that client’s expansion on a particular brand by frequent purchase.

Consumer loyalty implies that if the organization meet or surpass client desire, and in conclusion, loyalty program is made to redesign consumer loyalty’s and dedication on their successive purchase.Building, Measuring, and Profiting from Customer Loyalty composed by George F. Watson, Joshua T. Beck, Conor M. Henderson and Robert W. Palmier says that loyalty contains demeanors and buying practices that advantages one merchant over contenders.

These implies that dealers must have the arrangement to influence the clients to purchase more to them and the venders or the organizations must not be deserted as they probably aware clients adores to have another or an overhauled item, if there is another inclining product, client straight forwardly get one. So if dealers or organizations can’t create a new item, it will cost them a lot. These implies that clients need something new, they need to have something they have not utilized or seen before so if organizations won’t have the capacity to give the items that clients expected, they will lose everything and it will be hard for them to rebound, so the main decision of the organization is to make or lose.As per Ameet Pandit and Sonia Vilches-Montero they direct an examination if retailer offers reward card or loyalty card to build the loyalty to the store. Accordingly, they discovered that the loyalty card or reward card greatly affect the organization’s execution it framing a dedication of the buyers. They reasoned that it isn’t calculative however it is a commitment that their approach to long-term loyalty of their customers.Journal of Retailing and Consumer Services wrote by Henning Kreis and Alexander Mafael says they led an exploration in regards to the impact of loyalty card to the buyers and they utilized experimentally tried structure to decide the customer loyalty programs (CLPs) and if loyalty cards had a major impact to the CLPs or is it effective. The consequence of their exploration underpins the CLPs that this is successful to expand the dedication of the clients.

This is viable instrument a few promotions, advertisements as well as to have a value of the product.As per Shu-Ching Chen, this article clarifies the effects of competition on customer value delivery for customer loyalty. That the employees’ demeanor has a major effect to the customer loyalty. They recommended that the workers’ state of mind and manner have a competitive advantage. This article expands our insight in customer value and customer loyalty.The article “The Relationship of Happiness, Impulse Buying and Brand Loyalty” wrote by Beata Seinauskiene, Jurate Mascinskiene and Indre Jucaitye discusses the impact of joy on imprudent purchasing and brand loyalty and how mark dedication influences incautious purchasing. The researchers look into the distinction of “happiness and impulsive purchasing”, “happiness and brand loyalty”, and “brand loyalty and impulsive purchasing”.

Abstract prosperity alludes to hedonic delight or bliss (Chen, Yao, and Yan, 2014). Correspondingly, Beatty and Ferrell (1998) clarify drive purchasing as the unconstrained, sudden and prompt desire to purchase without pre-buy expectations and considerations. Brand loyalty is characterized as a profound promise to purchase the favored brand more than once and persistently later on in spite of the impacts of situational factors and the promoting endeavors to change to another brand (Oliver, 1999). As indicated by (Silvera et al., 2008; Chiu et al.

, 2013), the connection amongst joy and brand loyalty got rare consideration. As per Seongseop (Sam) Kima, Ja Young (Jacey) Choeb, James F. Petrick, ” the effect of celebrity on brand awareness, perceived quality, brand image, brand loyalty, and destination attachment to a literary festival” has an effect to the customers’ mindfulness and unwaveringness.

In contemporary culture, general society frequently venerates VIPs, including film stars and expert competitors (Koernig and Boyd, 2009; Lord and Putrevu, 2009). Regard for famous people lives on even after their passing through recovery and generation of their work. For instance, despite the fact that Elvis Presley, two of the Beatles, and Michael Jackson have kicked the bucket, their prevalence proceeds through their music, motion pictures, and commercials. Since individuals have a tendency to be keen on the lives of famous people, superstars have turned out to be progressively noticeable in the broad communications (Stern, 1994). Specifically, a horde of big names presently embraces items in TV commercials and go about as human brands acclaimed by people in general in our other-coordinated society (Han and Ki, 2010; Ketchen, Adams, and Shook, 2008). Big name supports subsequently apply a ground-breaking impact on shopper conduct.

The impacts of emblematic correspondence amongst purchaser and item can be boosted when the attributes of the endorser and those of the item coordinate (Kim, Wang, and Ahn, 2013). This has been approved by various past investigations demonstrating which kinds of support are best (Chang, Wall, and Tsai, 2005; Hsieh and Chang, 2005; Kim et al., 2013; Kim, Wang, Jhu, and Gao, 2016; Lin, Wang, and Chen, 2008; Wang, Chou, Su, and Tsai, 2007; Wang, Hsieh, and Chen, 2002; Wang, Kim, and Agrusa, 2018). Purchasers can turn out to be more acquainted with a celebrity through presentation to his/her physical appearance, dress and embellishments, excellence, style, sexual interest, behavior, and amiability.

Commonality is transferable in that the physical highlights or pictures got from famous people might be exchanged to the items they endorse (Belch and Belch, 2013; Dwivedi, Johnson, and McDonald, 2015; Gakhal and Senior, 2008; Ilicic and Webster, 2011; Lord and Putrevu, 2009; Ravi and Saxena, 2015; Thomas and Fowler, 2015; Um and Lee, 2015). The article “Using supermarket loyalty card data to analyze the impact of promotions” composed by Melanie Felgate, Andrew Fearne and Salvatore Di Falco, it says that the utilization of promotions in retailing has expanded quickly lately, yet usually promotions are being actualized with an insufficient comprehension of which systems are best, for which items and for which customer portions (Felgate et al, 2011). Regardless of this development in the utilization of promotions, especially in the Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG) part, thought of their effect and viability among scholastics has been constrained. It has been distinguished as an imperative territory for future research, as has the more noteworthy utilization of store board information to give bits of knowledge into how unique customers react to value changes, including promotions (Grewal and Levy, 2009). Advancements can be characterized as advertising occasions restricted in length, executed to straightforwardly impact the acquiring activities of clients with the hidden aim of accomplishing the targets set out in the showcasing procedure for the retailer as well as producer (Webster 1971; Blattberg and Neslin 1990). These goals may incorporate enhancing focused position, mark augmentation, class extension or expanding productivity.

The article “The Impact of Social Media Marketing on Brand Loyalty” authored by Irem Eren Erdo?mu? and Mesut Çiçek has a dialog about building and looking after loyalty. Building and keeping up loyalty are one of the focal topics of research for advertisers for quite a while (i.e, Oliver, 1997; Chaudhuri and Halbrook, 2001; Bennett and Rundle-Thiele, 2002). Brand loyalty can be conceptualized as the last measurement of customer mark reverberation symbolizing the buyer’s definitive relationship and level of distinguishing proof with a brand (Keller, 2008). As brands increase restrictive, positive, and conspicuous importance in the psyches of an expansive number of purchasers, they end up overwhelming and indispensable, and win the loyalty of the customers. Brand loyalty, consequently, brings deals incomes, piece of the overall industry, gainfulness to the organizations, and help them develop or if nothing else keep up themselves in the marketplace (Keller, 2008; Aaker, 1991, Kapferer, 1997). As per the creators that brand loyalty of the customers is decidedly influenced when the brand (1) offers worthwhile battles, (2) offers pertinent substance, (3) offers prominent substance, (4) shows up on different stages and offers applications via web-based networking media. This means that with social media all over around the world, it can provide any information about the brand and it can easily make the customers see for it by just using internet or the social media.

The Effect of Social Media Marketing on Customers’ Brand Loyalty wrote by Amir Mehrabi, Hossein Islami, and Mojtaba Aghajani says that customers’s loyalty is the way to business achievement. They said that Internet, as a standout amongst the most critical creation in late century, has affected distinctive divisions of human life by its different and huge highlights and capacities. The primary goal of web is to wipe out land hole between individuals over the world and change interchanges and data trade field. Since web has a one of a kind trademark, organizations have understood that they ought to reclassify and revamp their business sectors and marking procedures. Web has changed limit and conditions of the old diversion rules (Simmons, 2007). Brand is a critical and brief guide of personality, creativity, items attributes and contrasts and a capacity by which item will be perceived.

Thus, making a brand in this new (virtual) space can’t be overlooked (Kappherer, 2006). Customers’ brand loyalty prompts a positive up close and personal promoting (Hoseini and Ahmadinejad, 2008), making considerable impediments for adversary, stimulating organization in reacting focused dangers, making more deals and more income and declining clients’ affectability to rivals’ advertising endeavors (Matzler et al., 2008). These days, pulling in customers’ loyalty and keeping up this brand loyalty is considered as a test in focused markets. Because of expanding web infiltration rate on the world and the general utilization of these devices, particularly among new age, and additionally informal community development in the internet with respect to its capacities and people impressibility from same gathering in this space, the need of seeing online networking advertising and getting ready for it is verifiable.

Many marketing researchers, for example, marketing performers, have underlined on the fundamental part of relational connections impact on making an positive attitude toward wanted brand and solid connection amongst customers and brand (Brexendorf et al., 2009). This article says that social media can affect the brand loyalty it is just because companies can provide insights about their item, promotions, markdown deals, new offers, and so forth and customers can easily update themselves about the brand. Social media is truly helpful for brand loyalty especially for this generation because social media and the internet is the most accurate and powerful and you can learn everything with it.

User-driven Customization and Customer Loyalty: A Survey authored by Antonia Fels, Björn Falk, Robert Schmitt says that an altered product triggers customers to 1) keep a present product more and therefore postpone the moment of perceived obsolescence and 2) rebuy a same product or brand separately essentially more frequently. As indicated by Antonia Fels, Bjorn Falk, Robert Schmitt, building up customer loyalty and customer satisfaction are among the fundamental objectives of organizations so as to guarantee aggressiveness – that is their financial reasonability. One perspective affecting the previously mentioned objectives is the customization of products. Customers generally wish for items (or services) which are custom fitted precisely as indicated by their necessities, in the B2C and in addition in the B2B advertise. Customization, i.e. offering an individual item for the individual customers is in this way not only a pattern, but rather turning into an inescapable commence for organizations keeping in mind the end goal to meet the market requests, and the creators; Antonia Fels, Bjorn Falk and Robert Schmitt included that customer loyalty alludes predominantly to the cross-purchasing or repurchasing conduct.

Basically this article says that making or advancing new items can keep the customers’ loyalty. Customers can be satisfied by buying a similar item yet in addition desiring for something new, if customers accomplished their needs and desire, organizations can have more loyal customers.As indicated by Martin S. Fraering and Michael S. Minor, the writer of an article which is about Beyond Loyalty: Customer Satisfaction, Loyalty, and Fortitude has composed; exceedingly fulfilled customers frequently imperfection to the opposition (Kapfrerer, 2005; Mittal and Lasser, 1998), to some extent because of an overall declining pattern in client dedication. The wonder of fulfilled purchase disloyal customers has incited exchange diaries for the managing an account (Oeschsli, 2002), mash and paper (Perkowski, 2003), and medicinal services (Huff, 2007) ventures to stress the generally more noteworthy significance of customer loyalty Vis-à-vis fulfillment.

Such opinions reverberate attestations made by Oliver (1999) that the main customers that matters are the individuals who are loyal.Decomposing the Value of Word-of-Mouth Seeding Programs: Acceleration Versus Expansion by Libai B, Muller E, and Peres R. This article exhibits the incentive in a verbal exchange seeding program for another product. Customers’ assertion of mouth can bring out an incentive in getting business sector or deals, it can pick up clients to purchase their items.

The verbal exchange can give more benefit to the product. This is successful to the objective shoppers, it influenced the factors such as competition, program focusing on, benefit decrease, and maintenance.As per the author of A Mediating Influence on Customer Loyalty: The Role of Perceived Value. The customer loyalty has a major effect to the organizations, on the grounds that their promoting system is powerful. This is a decent connection between the buyer and the organization, it can lead the organizations to build their benefit.As per the author of The Role of Consumer Happiness in Relationship Marketing, if organizations can make value and noteworthiness for the customers, these will fulfill the customers’ happiness and satisfaction and pick up its trust.

As organizations give the requirements of customers, regardless they go after their desires and wants, however in the event that organizations can give customers desires and wants these will result to customer retention.Based on article titled “The influence of relationship marketing investments on customer gratitude in retailing” by Min-Hsin-Huang, based on personal interview with some of the loyalty card holder of department chain, this study shows that some of interpersonal communication, tangible benefits are truly having influence for the customers’ loyalty to the company. Regarding to the study, the most effective to build a relationship marketing is how we treat the customers.”Relationship marketing management: Its important in private level extension.” The study is all about loyalty and long term relationship with the customers. That the main goal of relationship marketing is to build a loyalty of the customers because if they are loyal to company it cause the long-term profitable relationship. The trust and commitment of the customers is the main goal of the company.4841875390525The significant difference on the level of customer purchases when grouped.

00The significant difference on the level of customer purchases when grouped.center393700Customer purchases perception on purchases to Generika.00Customer purchases perception on purchases to Generika.-76200399415Socio-Demographic profile in term;NameAgeMonthly income OccupationCivil statusFrequency00Socio-Demographic profile in term;NameAgeMonthly income OccupationCivil statusFrequencyConceptual Framework404177539243000234315038290500814705543560002194560251460To recommend an action marketing strategy towards Generika Drugstore.00To recommend an action marketing strategy towards Generika Drugstore.

Figure 1. Conceptual Framework of the StudyThe study shows that Figure 1 illustrates the framework of the study. It depicts 4 boxes which contains the independent variables (demographic profile) and the dependent variables (To recommend an action marketing strategy towards Generika Drugstore).

The researchers will first formulate questions to determine the demographic profile in terms of name, age, monthly income, occupation, civil status, frequency and the effect of GeneriKard to the consumer purchases and by asking the perception of the customers towards Generika Drugstore and Generikard. Survey questionnaires will be distributed to GeneriKard holder at San Lorenzo, Sta.Rosa for data gathering. Computation and data analysis will take place to determine if there is a significant difference on the level of customer purchases when grouped according to their demographic profile.ObjectivesThis study aims to achieve the following:To determine the Socio-Demographic profile of the respondents in terms of; a.

Ageb. Sex c. Monthly incomed. Employmente.

Civil Status f. Frequency.To determine the level of customer perception on purchases to Generika Drugstore To determine the significant difference on the level of customer purchases when grouped according to demographic variable.To recommend an action marketing strategy towards Generika Drugstore Sta. Rosa Branch.Chapter 2METHODOLOGYThis chapter tackles the methodology that the researchers used in this study in order to gather the needed date. The sample selection describes the procedure in collecting and analyzing the data and provided the explanation of the statistical procedure to analyze the data.

Research DesignDescriptive research is utilized widely in sociology, psychology and educational research. It can give a rich informational index that regularly uncovers new learning or mindfulness that may have generally gone unnoticed or experienced. It is especially helpful when it is imperative to accumulate data with interruption of the subjects or when it isn’t conceivable to test and measure vast quantities of tests. It enables analysts to watch characteristic practices without influencing them in any capacity. As indicated by (Manuel and Medel) descriptive research portrays what is. It includes the portrayal, record, investigation and elucidation of the present nature, creation or procedures of wonders. The emphasis is on winning conditions, or how a man, gathering, or thing carries on or works in the present. It regularly includes some kind of examination or complexity.

As indicated by (Ritchie et al., 2013), he opined that by utilizing the descriptive technique the researcher will have the capacity to watch a substantial mass of target population and make required decisions about the factors. Descriptive research permits to savvy about full data or information about a particular topic.Research LocaleThe study was conducted at Generika Drugstore located in San Lorenzo, Sta Rosa.

Generika Drugstore Sta. Rosa branch is a small drugstore branch and it was established three years ago and it is near in San Lorenzo Ruis Parish, Ministop and Annabelle’s store. There are currently three employees and one part-time, Among these one team leader, two regular employees, and one supervisor for branches Sta Rosa, Candelaria, and Sariaya. The President of Generika Drugstore Sta. Rosa branch is Mr. Ferdinand Felix Fernandez.Figure 2.

Location of Generika Drugstore in Sta. RosaRespondents of the StudyThe researchers’ respondents are those GeneriKard holders both female and male, from 18 to 59 years of age in San Lorenzo, Sta. Rosa, Laguna. Based on the G-power results the total sampling size is 125 respondents and it is determined by using the input parameters which are “effect size f (0.

4)”, “err prob (0.05)”, “power err prob (0.95)” and “number of groups (5)”. The researchers did a purposive sampling it is because the purpose of the research is to only focus at those GeneriKard holders. Purposive sampling also known as judgment, selective or subjective sampling is a sampling technique in which researcher relies on his or her own judgment when choosing members of population to participate in the study.Figure 3.

G-Power ResultSampling DesignPurposive sampling otherwise called judgment, particular or emotional examining is an sampling method in which researcher depends individually judgment while picking individuals from populace to take an interest in the study. As per (J.P Guilford), a purposive sampling is the one discretionarily chose in light of the fact that there is great proof that it is exceptionally illustrative of the aggregate populace.

As indicated by (Jahoda and Cook), the fundamental presumption behind purposive sampling is the practical insight and suitable system, one can hand-pick the class to be incorporated into the example and subsequently creates test that are agreeable in connection to one’s need. As indicated by (Robson 1993:143), the decision of purposive sampling is guided by the examination issue and is additionally in view of the way that respondents might be chosen for incorporation in the exploration as indicated by various criteria set up by the researcher, for example, their status, age, sex or occupation. The example winds up purposive in light of the fact that the researcher utilizes judgment to choose respondents that will best empower the researcher to answer research questions and to meet the set goals. These implies that purposive sampling will be founded on the general population that the researcher choose to answer their surveys. Purposive sampling is to know each supposition of individuals or customer about something they know or utilize.Data Gathering InstrumentThe researchers used self-made questionnaire as the primary data gathering tool of the study. The questionnaire is divided into two parts, part one determine the demographic profile of the respondents in terms of Age, Sex, Monthly income, Employment, Civil Status and frequency.

Part two, consists of 17 items questionnaire used to determine customer perception towards generika and generika drugstore. Respondents are asked to evaluate their answer with the following scale as 4 strongly agree, 3 agree, 2 disagree and 1 strongly disagree. The Cronbach value result is 0.794 which is a passing score and acceptable. 635023749000 Table 1. Likert Scale Interpretation-2032023114000 Scale Interpretation Range 4 Strongly Agree 3.

26 – 4.00 3 Agree 2.57 – 3.25 2 Disagree 1.76 – 2.50-10985527114500 1 Strongly Disagree 1.00 – 1.75Data Gathering ProcedureThe researchers went to the owner of Generika and asked their permission to conduct a research on their drugstore.

With their approval, the researcher conducted an initial survey to test the reliability and validity of the questionnaire. It was then tallied, encoded and submitted to the statistician. The statistician provided the result of the Cronbach test.Table 2. Cronbach’s Alpha test resultCronbach’s Alpha N of Items0.794 30Ethical ConsiderationThe researchers ensured that each and every respondent who participated in this research were protected and the data that were shared using survey questionnaires were kept confidential and secured. And in order to prevent the undesirable consequences that awaits while conducting research activities, the researchers applied an ethical consideration that protected the rights of the respondents and the management. Thus, the researchers assured that there was an authorization given by the management of Generika Sta.

Rosa before the study proceeds, that respondents were asked with respect and no respondents were forced to answer the survey questionnaires, and that no respondent name was going to be mentioned in the research. Data AnalysisThe researchers used a frequency and weighted mean calculation in order to determine strong and weak points of Generika Drugstore. The researchers analyzed the survey results to come up with a conclusion. They were able to profile their customers with the use of the information they gained from the first part of the survey questionnaire, which includes identifying the demographics of the respondents.

Frequency Distribution and Percentage – Frequency distribution was used to evaluate the frequency count for demographic profile of the respondents according to categories such as Age, Sex, Monthly income, Employment, Civil Status and frequency.Weighted Mean – The average of each scores is called its weight. The weighted average formula was used to determine the average scores of respondents using the relationship marketing – customer loyalty questionnaire in terms of trust, commitment, communication, conflict handling, and customer loyalty while using the 4-point Likert Scale. This statistical tool was used to determine the assessment of the respondents with regards to their personal profile.

Anova (F-test) – it is also known as Analysis of Variance. This statistical tool was used in order to measure more than two means, thus, also used in order to test he equality of means, Additionally, this tool was very flexible for it tested the overall significance of variable, determine if the p-value fit in terms of overall significance was less than the significant level, then null hypothesis was rejected then conclude that the variables provided a better fit. For instance, if the p-values were not significant for the individual coefficients in a variable, then f-test would not be significant either.Reliability Test – This is also known as Cronbach’s Alpha. This test was used to determine the reliability, consistency and validity of the survey questionnaires used in the research. In this case, the survey questionnaires were given in a certain number of respondents and analyzed the date given by calculating the values and interconnection of statements in questionnaire.

Nevertheless, the acceptable values of a Cronbach’s Alpha were from 0.65 to 0.90 accordingly.REFERENCES;rep=rep1;type=pdf


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