Essay would never forget. And Karen and

Essay title: The Earthmars Resort

Period 2Narrative/Descriptive Writing Assignment Their once was a family named the Scotts that went on vacation to “The Earthmars Resort” on Mars. This family included a mother named Karen, a father named Keith, and two sons named Lucas and Nathan. They were all very excited about the trip they were going to take. Not many families get to go to another planet on vacation, but due to Lucas and Nathan’s great basketball game that they had last month Karen and Keith decided that they would love to treat their sons to a great vacation that they would never forget. And Karen and Keith knew that they would never forget this.

Once they got to Mars, and checked into “The Earthmars Resort” they all started what would be the best vacation ever. First they all separated to have a little time by themselves then would meet up later at the famous steakhouse that this resort has to offer. Karen and Keith first went to the great beaches that they have to offer. Karen sat on the beach and tanned while Keith enjoyed himself in the clear blue water.

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After Karen started to get hot from the sun beating down on her, she decided to join her husband in the water. After they were in the water for awhile they got out and once again lay in the sand for a little while. Once they have spent some time alone without their sons they decided to go back to their room and get shower so that way they could met up with their sons for dinner. While Karen and Keith were on the beach, Lucas and Nathan were out trying a different sport then what they were use to.

Even though they have never played tennis before they both decided that they were on a whole different planet than everyone they knew so they could try something new. So that’s what Lucas and Nathan did, they played tennis..

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