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The drop in oil value beginning in the fall of 2014 has debilitated Oman’s financial plan, exchange surpluses, and outside stores.

Liquidity conditions fixed in 2016, however introductory signs recommend that liquidity has started expanding in 2017.

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Oman is a center pay nation with an economy construct basically in light of restricted general hydrocarbon assets, despite a couple of noteworthy late gas finds.

Expanded sponsorships and consumptions since 2011 related with the “Bedouin Spring” and employment creation activities are weighing intensely on the financial plan.The Omani government’s 2017 budget projects a deficit of OMR 3 billion ($7.8 billion), which represents over 25% of total projected expenditures. To cover its deficits, Oman has turned to borrowing on both the local and international markets. Oman borrowed approximately $10 billion in 2016, and has borrowed $5 billion so far in 2017. The government has announced plans to borrow at least $5.6 billion more in 2017, though it will likely face increasing costs of financing due to Standard and Poor’s downgrade of Omani sovereign debt to junk status.


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