The As the environment is constantly changing,

The dodo, which is also named Raphus cucllatus, is an extinct bird that has the disability in flying. Accordingly, dodos are very likely to be eaten by Dutch sailors as they are extremely easy to be caught. It is also mentioned that dodos became more and more scarce after the sailors have landed on the island in 1598. The fundamental reason that cause the extinction is due to the disability of dodos in flying. However, in this paper released by the Oxford University of Natural History, it’s the animals the sailors brought with them that are named as one of the key reasons our hapless feathery friend saw his demise. Pigs, dogs and rats are all animals said to have developed a taste for dodo eggs; this introduction of such animals into a foreign ecosystem, combined with humans hunting and eating them, saw the delicate balance the dodo had enjoyed for so long destroyed.

The species was soon cripplingly endangered. And as a result, it faded from existence.Correspondingly, all other species that are extinct or endangered have particular reasons which lead to the situations.

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As the environment is constantly changing, species that do not get familiar with or evolve to fit in the circumstance will eventually be expunged from the nature. So far, human-beings have discovered several main reasons that cause the extinction and have exerted their effort on improving ecosystem, animals’ home. Pollution, as a matter of fact, has been affecting animals in various ways tremendously, which generally presents as a kind of natural disaster—acid rain. “When fish are exposed to acid rain, the disturbed levels of minerals in fish will affect their reproductive system and the females will not release eggs.

When certain fish are in water with a very acidic pH level, the mucus on their gills will become very sticky and will eventually stick together, causing them to be unable to receive oxygen from the water.”


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