The Trevor was used to being an upper

The Destructors Trevor’s family was once an upper-middle class family, but has now lost their status and now is in the lower class. Since then Trevor has joined a gang, called the Wormsley Common Gang, with the leader being Blackie. Trevor was used to being an upper class boy and now he has to fit in with the gang.

So he now has to change his behavior, such as coming up with the idea of destroying Old Misery’s house. Trevor says in the story, “We’ll pull it down, we’ll destroy it,” talking about Old Misery’s house. Trevor comes up with the idea to destroy Old Misery’s house because he feels like he has to do something big and tough to fit in. And after he comes up with the idea to destroy the house he pretty much takes the leadership role of the gang.

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Because Summers asked How do we start” and Blackie replied “He’ll tell you,” referring to Trevor. At that point in the story Blackie handed over the leadership role to Trevor. Now lets begin to talk about Blackie more in depth.

Blackie is about a fourteen or fifteen year old boy, who has lived through World War II. The big idea about Blackie is that he has been the leader of the Wormsley Common Gang since it began. Now that this new kid came and joined the gang and came up with an idea to make him look tough and to fit in.

And since it was such a great plan everyone started to look up at Trevor for answer and then Blackie realize he had no real power any more so he just handed over the leadership duties to Trevor. As he said in the story “He’ll tell you,” when Summers asked, “How do we start.” Black was stating that he had no power over the gang anymore and he was now one of the other people in the gang. So now Blackie will realize what it feels like to lose a good status. Now it would be time to begin to talk about Old Misery.Old Misery is an old guy who has a beautiful house that is right in the middle of complete destruction from the bombs of WWII.

While he is away during Bank Holidays, the Wormsley Common Gang decided that they were going to tear down Old Misery’s house from the inside to the out. Trevor said in the story that “Old Misery is going to be gone all day tomorrow and.

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