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The Different Government Styles in the Movie Antz The theme of the movie Antz is that everyone should be treated equally.

This theme relates back to our civics class because it shows some of the different types of governments that we talk about. The three characters Z, General Mandible and the Queen are good examples of the different beliefs in government styles. First, a democratic government is very beneficial for the colony. Z believes very strongly in having a government where everyone should be able to voice their opinions.

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He even suggests an alternative to going to war when he says that they should influence their political voices instead. This type of government would benefit the colony because it gives everyone a chance to say what is on their mind in regards to their needs. Everybody would get a say in the choices their government makes for them. This is probably the most beneficial government for the colony. Second, dictatorship is definitely not a type of government to benefit the colony. General Mandible seems to believe that this is the government that would work best for himself.

He is not looking for opinions on how to rule and shows his lack of care for the ants when he tries to kill them off to start a new colony where he is the leader. This is not very beneficial type of ruling because he does not show empathy towards the ants or their feelings but only thinks of the entire colony. General Mandible’s belief in dictatorship would not be beneficial to the colony. Finally, a monarchy type government is also not very beneficial for the colony.

This is the type of ruling that the Queen believes in. Her beliefs are quite biased as she was born into her title and cannot see the flaws within it. Adding to that, the Queen shows that she is somewhat incompetent in leading when she lets General Mandible go to war with the termites. It seems that she does not need much convincing as to why and goes along with it.

Also, it shows that she does not care for the needs of the colony and seems to only worry about her and Princess Bala’s reputation. This shows why a monarchy type ruling does not benefit the colony. In my opinion, a democratic government would be the best choice for the colony.

I think having a government open to other perspectives and opinions is important because everyone should be able to speak their minds. I think that everyone should be heard and their ideas should be taken into consideration so it is learned what the ants need. In addition, the ants would be happier working for a government that listens to them rather than a government that does not care.

Z, General Mandible and the Queen are three characters in the movie Antz that show the theme everyone should be treated equally with their different beliefs in ruling.


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