The 16 passengers abroad. It made a round-trip

The development of the aviation industry has been a major step forward for the future. Moreover, it has been also an impetus for the finance. Other hand, tourism has also developed intensively.

If we look at the history of the plane, the first aircraft was invented on December 17, 1903 by Wilbur and Orville Wright. The Wright brothers had invented the first successful airplane. The main point of this, on February 25, 1914 the first demonstration flight with 16 passengers abroad. It made a round-trip between 21 – 23 June from Saint Petersburg to Kiev and it took approximately 15 hours with inaccurate landing. Looking at the history of our national air company which is called “Uzbekistan Airways”. It was established at January 28, 1992 and fleet of Uzbekistan Airways consists of modern and comfortable aircraft Boeing-757/767, Boeing 787-8 Dreamliner, A-320, IL-114-100, as well as cargo freighters Boeing 767-300 BCF.

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Our national air company performs scheduled flights to more than forty cities of the world – to countries of Europe and Asia, to America and Japan. Professional pilots, technical and dispatching personnel, comfortable aircraft, modern terminals, safe flights recognition all of these are now the evidence of reliability and stability of Uzbekistan aviation. Also, it has become the integrated part of the national economy. In addition to this, it does required to go to the airport or airline offices to buy tickets and to know schedules of flights.

The reason why online services available is that it is international airport, developing industry with high qualified services equal to standards of the world. The main reason in support of is that there are so many employees. Furthermore, a lot of collages and lyceums university specialized ton this profession. To get more knowledge, there chance to go abroad to study and gather experienceUzbekistan has implemented significant successful works after being independent in all spheres such as political, social, economic, cultural and others.

The civil aviation was not an exception.”Uzbekistan Airways” which is the national aircraft enterprise has created in order to update and develop the industry before the country’s air carriers. The long-lasting programs have been carried out to modernize all infrastructure and the fleet by the inclusive support of the government.

Nowadays, the national air fleet, “Uzbekistan Airways” consist of two modern comfortable airlines “Airbus” and “Boeing”, containing three Boeing 787-8 Dreamliners. At the current time,in more than 40 cities of Asia and Europethe up-to-date aircrafts of Uzbekistan regularly settle down and fly. From October 2018, “Uzbekistan Airways” will introduce new regular flights to Mumbai and Jeddah, the project of creating new directions to Munich, Tbilisi and Karachi is being issued. “Uzbekistan Airways Technics” which is the aviation enterprise performs any sort of complication from painting to repairs of any types of airlines, including Boeing 787 Dreamliner. There are also foreign aircraft companies who are long-term partners of the Tashkent aircraft repair enterprise, such as SCAT, “Tadjik Air”, “Turkmen Airline”, “Ural Airlines” and other Russian air companies.

“Uzbekistan Airways” has being improvedthe system of personal training. There are also high professional instructor and teaching staff inthe Training Center of the NAC. Moreover, there are various types of aviation “Full-flight” simulators which is able to supporting theoretical and practical training to suit international standards not only to own flight staff but also suggest services preparing and training foreign air companies. Today in the NAC pilots are being prepared directly in Uzbekistan on the basis of the Training Center of the NAC “Uzbekistan Airways”.

This year the initial listeners will be received for the first training of pilots by the Center. As a result of the performance of infrastructure issues for the reconstruction of air terminal runways and complexes, new terminals give it the opportunity of the all airports of the country in accordance with the ICAO international standards, aid to enhance flight safety and the quality of service. Currently, the country’s all 11 airports have the status of international and are capable of delivering any type of aircraft despite the fact that being in very difficult weather conditions. In Tashkent, Bukhara, Urgench, Fergana and Navoi, new terminals have been constructed. In the international airport “Tashkent” named after Islam Karimov airport, the new arrival terminal of international airlines was put into exploitation. As a result of constructing this new building which can contain a volume of 1200 passengers per hour, the service which is aid passengers of international destinations was significantly improved and that terminal is capable of abbreviate the process of passingnecessary procedures at the entrance of the country.

Turning to successful awards, Uzbekistan Airlines is awarded in the field of aviation marketing at the NETWORK 2018 forum in Kazan. Also at the III International Forum “Sky Service”, the National Air Company won the cup of “Team of the Year”.Oganazation Culture Organizational Culture is one of the important thing to work efficiency, for this reasons most of company have their own unique cultures as well as Uzbekistan Airways has.Uzbekistan Airways has a lots of brilliant cultures such as, employees of company can get free meals on the holydays as well as there is some sports clubs for purpose of being healthy and to be more energetic and being more effective to work. Employees can participate to sport clubs such as, yoga, gym and swimming pools are also available . To note that there are some cultures which help to improve the employees’s social thoughts .

for example , there is a club which helps for employees to get to know more about their teammates such as , “Chai Chat Club”in this club they have a meeting and they will sit around table and tell about themselves and interesting stories which are happened in their life. Moreover that is to say that there is unique culture that employees of Uzbekistan Airways wear a national suit in zone of the company and also customers are provided with only national foods on a plane as well as there is some good movies are available on a plane which give interesting facts about Uzbekistan How Company cultures effectTo note that, By participating to sports clubs employees will be able to care about their health and also by attending to sports club they will improve their work efficiency at the same time this will be beneficial for both employee and company . Social clubs can help workers to get more information about their team mates. In addition this kind of social clubs will be important to understand themselves deeperly and that might be beneficial for customers and company.

There are cultures which worth company reputation .To note that to wear their national clothes , providing the customers with only national foods as well as movies about company are good ideas because the visitors will have even a little bit information about the country . By wearing national suits tourist or visitors get information about country culture and providing by only national foods will help to choose food easly in restruants and visitors would not have troubles in choosing asl well as visitors get important information by watching movies about country will know about must-see places and they will not doubt about where to go


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