The numerous cases in an extension of the

second economic   precondition  refers to  the probability of democratization and
prospects of private enterprise and free market economies. Researchers, for
example, Dahl  and Almond have contended
that supporting highlights of  democratization incorporated with the act of
private enterprise and free and open markets serve to strengthen democracy.
Almond, in his original piece on private enterprise and democracy, surveyed the
different contentions that have looked to interface the act of free enterprise
with help for democratization .1

has contended that the linkage is clear and that unequivocal examples of help
result from financial advancement for process of democratization. Likewise,
private enterprise additionally considers the formation of other autonomous
elements thought to help the move in the direction of democracy. It is thought
to bring about numerous cases in an extension of the white-collar class and
strengthening of social and financial interests by means of entrepreneur
advancement. These are then idea to help in democratization and majority rule
combination. 2

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third economic  precondition  impacts  for democratization with  access  to land and assets. The underlying foundations
of this contention depend on the desire that more impartial and populist social
orders give the help important to popular government to grab hold. As Moore and
Dahl have recommended, social orders with less  asset  being polarized and less focused landholding
designs are thought to strengthen first class and intrigue cooperation in democratization.More
being polarized and less libertarian  could prompt destabilizing and antidemocratic
inclinations. Albeit both Moore and Dahl recognize that equality in land and
assets and resources isn’t an adequate reason for  democratization .3

1 Almond,
G. A. ,Capitalism and democracy,1991, 
PS: Political Science and Politics, 24, 467-474.


3 Moore,
B. ,Social origins of dictatorship and democracy: Lord and peasant in the
making of the modern world., 1966, Boston: Beacon Press.


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