The Declaration of Sentiment was written mainly

The Declaration of Independence and the Declaration of Sentiments were similar structured documents that shared some alike ideas but weren’t written to express the same issues and complaints. Both documents state how the people they are representing have been mistreated, and deprived of the basic human rights every human deserves. The Declaration of Independence was written for all American people with grievances against the king. Not only is the Declaration of Independence a historical document, but it is also a persuasive masterpiece that thoroughly convinces its audience of the extreme importance of America needing to separate from Britain. The Declaration of Sentiment was written mainly for women to be treated equally as they wrote in the Declaration of Independence that natural rights are important, and people should be treated equally.
In the Declaration of Independence, Thomas Jefferson makes his position clear to the colonists and the world by using persuasive appeals, syntax and diction. The main purpose of writing this document was to explain to foreign nations why the colonies had chosen to separate and gain independence from Great Britain. In this document, Jefferson uses syntax in his quotes to explain to the audience that all men are created equally and have natural equal rights. He uses pathos to get people’s attention and people’s emotions. Throughout the text he uses logos to give the people a logical reason of why they should get independence from Great Britain and make them come to their senses. The tone of this document was very aggressive and rebellious.
The Declaration of Sentiments used the same format as the Declaration of Independence to stress to the people that women were created equally too and they were tired and fed up with being owned by men or a 2nd option. She also used the same format in hopes that women could be freed and gain independence from men. The writers are speaking to the government and men throughout the country to get the same attention as the colonists getting independence from Great Britain. The author of this documents used several rhetorical strategies to establish Ethos, Pathos, and Logos in her delivery, text, and audience.


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