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*NO BIBLIOGRAPHY, BOOK REPORT* For my book report I read The Da Vinci Code by Dan Brown the reason is because on of my friends last year told me it was a good book. The Da Vinci Code has onemain character andmany supporting characters. The main character is Robert Langdon, a Harvard symbologist and professor. He is very intellectual and very modest.

He is a quick thinker under pressure and doesn’t give up easily. He is careful with his words. The most important supporting character is Sophie Neveu. She is a cryptologist the and granddaughter of Jacques Sauniere, the murder victim. She has blond hair and green eyes and is French. She is very independent and commanding. She is also very intellectual, fluent in two languages, and good at breaking codes. She is a very determined person and does not give up with out a fight.

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She is also very quick witted. She is a very good liar, very convincing. She likes to take matters into her own hands. The Da Vinci Code is about the journey Robert and Sophie take to find the Holy Grail. It begins in the Louvre Museum of Artwhere Jaucques Sauniere who was a curator in the Louvre. He was also the master of a secret organization called the Priory of Sion. His identity as the master is not revealed until later in the story.

His murder was the result of his identity being exposed. Langdon is charged with his murder and this is where the story really begins. Sophieand Robert are left clues by Sauniere which eventually lead them to the hiding place of the Holy Grail.

In this quest they request the help of a old friend of Langdon’s, Leigh Teabing. Leigh and Robert reveal to Sophie the true nature of the Holy Grail. In the book, the Grail, in fact, is not a chalice, but has three parts, a person, a line of descendants, and the sangreal documents. It is revealed that Grail is in fact Mary Magdalene. She was the wife of Jesus and bore the fruit of his womb. Many of the clues that were necessary in order to find true meaning of the Holy Grail were referenced to in the paintings of Da Vinci. The whole Christian religion is based on the fact that Christ was a divine prophet. Christ was made to be a divine prophet after Jesus’ death when the Pagans and the Christians were fighting with each other over religion.

In order to solve the problem, people portrayed Christ as a divine prophet in order to make Christianity look like the one and only religion. But with this came consequence. All Jewish men are given the task to marry. Jesus beinggood Jew did marry. After.

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