”The took a shower, made breakfast, watched the

”The Crush”Written by: Bo Ron Larsen”How had this happened?” Bo kept thinking to himself. “What had possessed him to do what he just did to that poor kid” he thought to himself, while he was going through in his mind how things had escalated to this.It had all started two days earlier.

He had woken up early to do his regular morning workout, a 5 mile run, 50 push-ups and 50 sit-ups. Bo liked to workout. It made him feel confident about himself, a feeling that he could accomplish everything that came in his path. He didn’t workout just so he could “score with the chicks” like some of the idiots at school. He did it because he really enjoyed it. Not just the results from working out, but also the feeling of working out, the feeling of adrenaline pumping in your body, pushing you to do the absolute best that you possibly could.Bo then did his other morning routines, took a shower, made breakfast, watched the morning news, pack his bags and went to school.He meet up with his best friend, Kristoffer, at the entrance to the school.

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Bo and Kristoffer had known each other since they were 2 years old and they were always hanging out. They talk a little before they heard the bell ring in to class. The first class they had was history. They both hated history classes, not so much because they didn’t like history, but more because of the teacher, Susan. She seemed to be really confused all the time, was always late for classes, was rarely prepared for classes and all in all, didn’t really seem like a very good teacher.Anyways, Bo and Kristoffer went inside the classroom, sat down and took there books up, when Kathrine stepped into the classroom. Bo had had a major crush on her since the first day he saw her.

She was about a half a head higher than Bo, had long blond hair, blue eyes, a great personality and a smile so beautiful that they should take a picture of it, and hang it next to the Mona Lisa.But unfortunate, Bo was a very shy person when it came to the opposite sex, and perhaps some of the girls at that age were a little bit frighten about Bo’s physical appearance. Not because he was fat or ugly, quite the contrary, but as mentioned earlier, Bo liked to workout, and had quite an attractive body. Okay, he had some acne on his face, but what boy didn’t have at that age.

So anyways, Kathrine sits down, and about five minutes later Susan finally arrives. As usual, both Bo and Kristoffer found the class tedious, but that didn’t mind Bo so much, since he was daydreaming about Kathrine. When history class was finally over is was time for lunch, Bo and Kristoffer, as usual, sat at the same table and discussed important world issues like, which pop-singer has the best rear end and how to beat the boss in Ratchet and Clank.After lunch it was time for physical education, Bo’s favourite class.

Kristoffer hated P.E., but that was because Kristoffer had had asthma when he was younger and that he didn’t really like to exercise.The coach had decided that we were going to play football, which Bo was happy about, because he loved football.

The students got divided into teams and to Bo’s astonishment, he was on the same team as Kathrine!! That right there made Bo’s day because he knew that if there were one place or situation he felt comfortable in and wasn’t shy, it was when he was exercising. And he was right, as both he and Kathrine were talking about all sorts of things while they played and it seemed to Bo that they really got along that afternoon.After school was done, he and Kristoffer went home to Bo and they talked about the party that was happening tonight and that Bo really should make his move that night.Later that night, Bo and Kristoffer arrive at the party where they all of their friends, got something to drink and they both got a little buzz on. Couple hours later Kathrine shows up and Bo simply couldn’t take his eyes off of her. She simply was the most beautiful person he had ever seen. He went over to her, started talking and just hanged out with her for about and hour.

Then he had to go to the little boys’ room and said he would be right back. 5 minutes pass, he finishes his business, tries to find Kathrine again,.

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