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The Crucible by Arthur Miller is a play based at the site of Salem, Massachusetts. This playwrite includes all the confusion and difficult times since the 1600's.

As Salem is known for the wild tales of witch craft it was also known at the time for the mysterious ways things were done, this made things hit more at home then anything. A crucible is defined as a situation of severe trials, or in which different elements interact to produce something new. Miller does a great job in showing just how severe the trials were through characters. Abigail Williams, John Proctor and Reverend Parris are all taking in effect to these silly tales, but some are changed more then others. Abigail Williams was once a innocent young woman, but when the town became to knowledgeable of her past and just how women like she was things began to change.Abby was caught having an affair with the husband of Elizabeth Proctor, John. The affair took place along side of the barn on the Proctors property.

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Many people spoke of the affair and later Abigail was fired from being the servant of the Proctors for having done so. As a puritan religion is a must, the creation of adultery was not aloud and as for most ofthe time unforgiveness is as well. Not for John though Elizabeth changed her ways in order to be there for John.

Love had grown for this married man by a young teenager at the age of seventeen but not only love but hatred as well for his wife, Elizabeth. But as for Abby amends had to be made in order to get rid of the only thing stopping her from marrying John.So on one foggy day a bunch of girls including Tituba, Abby, Sarah and young Betty went out into the woods to do some black magic for the south, but later were found "dancing and singing songs that were never herd of". As the talk of magic and witch craft spread through town people involved get worried and do things they never did before. All thanks to Abby and her childish ways people became confused on just really happen, who did it and starting accusing the uncaused. For one innocent man to have his life turned upside down John Proctor took it all so easy.

John being a man of his word but yet still a man of the truth made a mistake that would affect the rest of his life. As a puritan the ten commandments are a big deal. And if not followed life for you will not be so good in the later times. Puritans were know to never forget the commandments until now. Since John has and affair with a young woman while he was married he had created adultery. But love was always thicker then water as the old saying goes and Elizabeth forgives and forgets the whole thing.

The Proctors life had just seemed to get easier until Elizabeth had became sick and John had to quit going to church to take care of his wife. But not going to church would be another crime in this town. Forced to take care of wife and not able to go to church would later come back to haunt him.

John's wife was convicted that she was a witch by Abigail Williams and sent for questioning. As two men come in to take away his wife they stop to question John as well, asking why he was unable to attend church and if he could recite the ten commandments. John explained the reason why church for him was unable to be attended to and had "tried" to list all the commandments; only missing one the only one John had.

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