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What role Revenge plays in The Crucible Revenge plays a major role in the story, "The Crucible." Due to the social structures of society and the confusion that existed upon the townspeople, because of the dancing in the forest by the teenage girls that lived in town, it was very easy for the townspeople to believe that witchery was the cause for all of this confusion. Suspicion arose among the towns' people to blame each other for these happenings.

The doors now opened for all of the towns' people to express their hatred toward their neighbors that they couldn't express before due to a stricter society, this lead for many people to seek revenge against society, enemies and also neighbors. Revenge was placed upon society because in Puritan society the role of the child was to be quiet and to stay out of the way. Girls of that age were given little or even no freedom to act like children. The girls were expected to walk straight, arms by their sides, eyes slightly down cast, and their mouths were to be kept shut unless otherwise asked to speak. It is not surprising that the girls tried to get revenge against society because of the type of lifestyles that they lived.

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To get revenge against society the girls played games like dancing in the woods, and listening to slaves' stories and pretending that other villagers were bewitching them. The girls set off everything in the story because of the pranks and games that they played as they indirectly were getting revenge on society and what kind of lifestyles they lived. Revenge was placed upon enemies in this story when Abigail Williams tries to get revenge on Elizabeth Proctor. John Proctor, one of the towns people and husband of Elizabeth Proctor, was having an affair with Abigail Williams, one of the girls who danced in the woods on that night. Abigail Williams would tell John Proctor that she loved him and that he loves her also. When Abigail was in court one day she make a puppet or doll for Elizabeth Proctor. It turns out that Abigail Williams had stuck a pin or needle in the doll before she gave it to Elizabeth Proctor.

Abigail put the needle there on purpose,.

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