THE loyal person, for two years, there are

 THE CROWD.What does it really means to fall in love?.I have been in a relationship for 2 years but guess what, not because I am a loyal person, for two years, there are different girls that I would date and this another one just broke up with me. For starters they’re saying, “You’re so cool, let’s go out!” In the end, “You’re so cold, let’s break up.

” As the time goes by, I have realized that they‘re just want me to be their boyfriend just for decoration. Yes, as in decoration. Most of the girls thought that having a handsome boyfriend can boost their confidence as a girlfriend, I do not think so, and it is just a nuisance for me.

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.“Then why do you keep on answering yes when they are inviting you?”.I don’t know. It’s just I can’t answer them with “no.” I am not a Casanova, I’m just a simple guy who always ended up in senseless relationship, and I remember every name of the girls that broke up with me. Not just their names but also their attitudes towards me.

.But there is one festive night that change my whole perspective, in a crowd that full of multi-colored lights, the cold wind that pierce through my skin, the crowd that flows like a river where there are swarm of people with a happy expressions yet there is a lone girl whose eyes’ shines bright as she stares throughout the sky. The moon itself serves as her spotlight in the darkness of the night, her white dress is as bright as Luna whose glowing in this festive night, I was tantalized by her existence but before I noticed it she’s all gone as if she’s swallowed by the crowd..I do not know her yet I feel like she consumed me by that time. Is this what they called love at first sight? I don’t know, I just know eyes but not her face, I feel weird..UNDER THE CLOUDY SKY.

It was a fine but cloudy morning, it was just a normal day for a normal people like me, but despite on being a normal person there was something important on this cloudy day. Under this cloudy sky, I fell in love with the girl I rarely see. She’s waiting at the park at days like this.

I’m sure of it. At first I thought that it was just a coincidence that I can saw her during a day like this, but when I started to have a urge to see her it always ended up in a days like this..

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