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The country we picked for our around the world project was Mexico the land of one of the greatest foods I have ever tasted. Its landform is very beautiful it has many mountains and beautiful beaches that are by the Caribbean and Pacific oceans. A volcano named Pico De Orizaba is the highest point in Mexico. The usual climate averages to 60 to 65 fahrenheit and in the winter it only goes down about 5 degrees. The president of Mexico name Enrique Peña Nieto he has put into office in December 1, 2012. He is not very liked anymore he has lost over half of his approval vote.
There are many unlikely and strange fads that happen in Mexico. Mexico has one of the weirdest fads ever. The locals like to wear cowboy boots but one day some decided they wanted pointer boots so they made them in 2008 the creator of these crazy boots Cesar de Huizache. A new fashion bizarre fashion craze is women will find dead scorpions and glue them to their fingers. Can you imagine what that would feel like? Who came up with that? It started as a sick joke and it turned into a really liked fashion the creators name is Lupita Garcia
There are 127 million people who live in mexico and 92.7 percent of them speak spanish. Mexico is the 12th most populated places in the hole world. One of the most celebrated days of the year is Día de Muertos aka the day of the dead. The day of the dead was about Prayer and remembrance of family members who have died. The make altars to remember the dead and make traditional dishes for Day of the Dead. It starts on October 31 through November 2. Catholic influences mainly changed the practices and the social structure where Church has most of the authority.
There are many different types of food that are popular in Mexico. The food they focus most on is beans, rice, tortillas, cheese, eggs, and guacamole. They use these ingredients and many more to make wonderful and tasty foods. Such as tacos, Quesadillas, burritos, chalupas, enchiladas and many different things. Sometimes they take time out of their day to make tortillas. Corn tortillas are the most common tortillas in mexico The tortilla, with many different types has been a popular food in North American and different cultures since pre-Columbian times. To make tortillas you need four, baking powder, salt, shortener, and some hot water mix them all together in the right way will make nice and beautiful food. This is such a staple because they use it like a plate most of the time.
Mexico is on of the largest country in latin america. Many mexicans still allow the old cultures and events. Around 1000 BC Mexico’s ancient civilizations was developed. Their very first president was Guadalupe Victoria, he was put into office in October 1824. He was a general who helped fight in the war to get mexico’s independence from spanish empire. Mexico is a very beautiful place but anymore it is getting bad. The other day teachers blocked a highway to protest and also burned vehicles are going to keep protesting until their demands are met. They started boycotting the Guelaguetza. Witch is a restaurant in mexico build in 1994 by Fernando Lopez and Maria Monterrubio.
Mexico is a very diverse country with a long and rich culture. While they are very diverse in income level and overall a very poor country their food is wonderful. It is a beautiful country with a wide variety of landscapes. They eat food that is very food for them and their handmade tortillas are made with love every day. The food is flavorful and so good for you. I really recommend it.


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