The and arctic tundras are breathtaking. I

The country that my group chose is Scandinavia. Scandinavia is a very interesting country with a diverse background. Their language is an intelligible North Germanic and have over twenty-one million people in the country. Scandinavia is a very wet country, the precipitation is around 813 millimeters and it’s normally raining almost every day.

This is a crazy amount of water that comes down daily. The rainiest month there is in September. The normal climate is normally 6.

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4°C or 43.5°F, that’s nothing close to what our climate normally is in the United States. That is much much colder than what it is like here. Can you imagine what it would be like to be in such a cold place all of the time.

Scandinavia has an ethnocultural North Germanic heritage. Their landscape is extremely beautiful, the deep forests and wide open plains just make you stop and breathe it all in. The peaceful environment helps you relax. They have colorful grass roofed houses everywhere including by the ocean. The view of the ocean and arctic tundras are breathtaking.

I love the idea of the forests combined with wide open spaces. It is amazing to see. Many people are amazed by the ocean and in Scandinavia you have a mix of all three types of landscapes which makes this country especially beautiful.

The King of Scandinavia, Carl XVI Gustaf, was given the throne when his grandfather died in 1973. Carl Gustaf lost his father in a plane crash in 1947 when he was nine months old. He married Queen Silvia June 19th in 1976. The oldest princess, Victoria, is the heir to the throne. His other children are princess Madeleine and prince Carl philip. They elected prime minister Erna Solberg in 2013 and has been in the Conservative party since 2004.

Scandinavia has it’s very own special holiday. They celebrate a little Christmas Eve on December 23rd. On this day they put up the christmas tree and decorate it and the house.

They even make special foods like making ginger bread and eating rice pudding. On Christmas Eve they have bells that ring five times at every church and at the end of the day they would open their gifts, not on christmas day. Christmas does not have any traditions. The week leading to New Years people go see their family members that they have not seen in a long while.

Scandinavians have been named the healthiest people on earth! With their diet of fatty fish, cabbage, root vegetables and Rye bread. The percent of obesity in their country is only at 10. In the United States our obesity is an average of 60 to 70 percent. We are the most unhealthy country in the world because of all the sweets we eat in the morning like donuts or pop tarts.

They each the things that they have around them and that they can get from the earth. Because of the fact that the ocean is right there they eat a large amount of fish. Then the only vegetables that grow well there are root vegetables so they also consume a lot of those. One of Scandinavia’s top meals are the meatballs and fish. They get most of their protein and vitamins from the fish. The top fish they eat is raw salmon.

Scandinavians love their pancakes, two of them are called pannukakku which are oven baked pancakes and raggmunk which is a potato pancake. Wherever you go to Scandinavia, there will most likely have pancakes on most menus.


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