The great book written by Alexandre Dumas.

The Count of Monte Cristo I want to begin by introducing you to this great book written by Alexandre Dumas. This novel was published by the Penguin Group in 2001. It was a story full of love, adventure and betrayal. It began as a sweet romance . Then a third partybegan to reveal his perverse intentions tofeed off of the innocent . It was aenvy , jealous, and deceit. After the sad andunfortunate body of this suspenseful thriller there was a twist in the story. A great success for our Edmondand his only true love .

The main character Edmond Danteswore many hats in this epic piece. He was a sailor ,a lover ,a friend ,a captain, and a prisoner. Afterthe tragic death of the captain he is honored and promoted to being thenew captain . When they return he isregretfullyconvicted of treason and put into prison for 13 years .He copes with having it all then losing it all by way of the betrayal of a close friend and fellow sailor.

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.His faith brings him through this troubled storm into a glorious rainbow of blessing that ends this novel with a warm feelingof justice . Edmond Dantes left his beautiful girlfriend Mercedes to board a cargo ship with his trusted and treasured friend . While they are in the foreign island of Elba asthe captain was dieing he agreed to deliver a letter forNapoleon , which later finds its way back to haunt him.

Due to the fact that his friend was jealous of his new position and beautiful wife and began to sabotage his career . He is convicted of treason when it is brought to the attention ofFrances governmentthat he had been collaborating with the foreign emperorNapoleon. He spent thirteen years in prison along side of a priest who in exchange for helping him dig a tunnel for their escape he would teach Edmondhow to read and write .He also taught him how to be a masterful swordsmen .

Soon after the priest passed after a seizure and Edmond Dantes was left to complete the escape alone , but not as.

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