The harmful and unfit for people, while advantages

The consumption of fast food has become a part of many people’s lives and has grown rapidly in the last few years as much as the population has grown. Fast food is being consumed around the world by a lot of humans aging from a 2 years old child to a 100 years old adult. Fast food is seen in different ways by different people. Some of the people don’t have time to cook their traditional food so they prefer fast food as its cheaper and convenient. While Other’s fear of such foods, “citing health consequences linked with high salt and calorie content” (Butler, 2017).

Fast food has also provided a lot of jobs around the world to the young people and currently hold over 4 million jobs in Canada (Statista, 2018). Fast food likewise contributes enormously to the issue of overweight across the world. It is related to the other medical issues too. Cardiovascular disease is one of the common disease associated with regular consumption of fast food (Butler, 2017). Fast foods are most likely very harmful and unfit for people, while advantages and disadvantages on each side of the argument point to a key purpose behind their positions. The Fast food industry has been growing dramatically during the past few years and it’s affecting the people in several different factors based on addiction, medical conditions, and environmental issues.

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People are consuming fast food on a regular basis as they are not able to take out time out of their busy work schedules for cooking their traditional food. The undeniably bustling ways of life of the people alongside with our overreliance on pre-packaged and processed foods are driving the multimillion-dollar fast food industry today. The fast food industry’s technique is to make benefits through mass delivered and prepared foods and is making physically addictive items like tobacco, liquor, and illicit medications with similarly unsurprising results (Gunnar’s, 2017).

There are many types of research that have demonstrated that the impacts of specific foods on the cerebrum can prompt out and out compulsion. Food addiction is a major issue that individuals face and one of principle reason is that individuals are not able to control around certain fast foods, regardless of being very strict towards it. Few people believe that consuming fast food gives them relief from any kind of tension and makes them feel great again (Gunnar’s, 2018). Fast food is available to people’s convenience such as any city in the world you go to you can find you can find top selling fast food industries (like Mc Donald’s) at walk-in distances without any issues at very good prices (Gowin, 2011).

Secondly, most people would agree that the health effects of eating an excessive amount of fast food are well known. The health consequences associated with fast food are harmful and worthless as they reduce the lifespan of humans. Consumers risk of suffering from such diseases such as diabetes as it has higher calorie content, hair loss, heart disease and high cholesterol (Butler, 2017). Fast foods have also made a major impact on children as they are addicted to them which leads to them causing various diseases by not having proper nutrients in their growing age.

Sometimes, the demand for fast food is so high such as on the weekends or lunch hours that the restaurants often compromise with hygiene standards. In some cases, the animals are slaughtered and are quickly prepared for consumption which causes food-borne illness resulting in an overblown cost to individual’s families at the national level (Marcin, 2017). People who are not able to gain weight fast food helps them to gain fat and weight with the delicious taste one can get. Some people think that it helps them lose weight as even a little bit of fast food makes them feel full and doesn’t make them want more. According to the U.

S. Department of health, most of the fast food restaurant will start having a list of nutrients in their menu so the consumers can see how healthy it is before they eat as per may, 2018 (U.S. department of health and human services).Thirdly in most of the fast food restaurant, the service is very fast which means the customers are in and out in just a matter of minutes.

This leads the restaurants to use disposable packaging’s which makes it convenient for them to pack and for the consumer to carry and consume. It only doesn’t make it convenient for its user’s but also very harmful for the environment as they use from wrappers and straws to boxes and bags which is the greatest source of waste from cities (Byloos, 2013). The waste generated from the fast food packaging is calculated at about 40% of all the waste in the city (Geer, 2014). You presumably wouldn’t consider eating a Major burger as adding to your carbon impression yet the serious assets required to make only a standard cheeseburger, from developing the wheat to make the buns to sustaining the cows, and in the long run their butcher, and even the vitality required to pickle the cucumbers, the subsequent utilization is wonderful changing over to CO2 emission of somewhere close to 1kg to 3.5 kg.

It takes about 900 years for the Styrofoam to a breakdown in dump yard which is utilized in the packaging of the food to keep it warm. (Geer, 2014). It’s not only the synthetic compounds in junk food that influence nature, it’s the entire chain of generation. In the first place, cheap food places offer a horrendous parcel of meat. Most, if not all, of this meat, is delivered at industrial facility ranches, which contribute more to an Earth-wide temperature boost than the greater part of our autos set up together.

Second, huge numbers of their items are transported long separations, previously they achieve your corner, additionally expanding their effect on air quality. All fast food packaging is not 100% recyclable but saves water by not washing utensils. In conclusion, fast food introduces a bigger number of issues than benefiting consumers. Shopper either needs to maintain a strategic distance from such foods or pick another option. For example, less salted foods although, such alternatives may cost more in remedial issues from it.

Since the studies show the food is dangerous for humans in the long run as it is very addictive and this addiction can cause many health problems which can cost thousands of dollars. It is convenient and inexpensive to consume other than traditional food but people should still avoid it as it causes harm to the planet earth by the amount of non-recycling waste generated by fast food restaurants. It can be only cured by reducing the consumption of fast food or by simply avoiding it. However, fast food is becoming a serious problem around the world from getting addicted to health and environmental issues.


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