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The concerned literature review is conducted to analyze the impact of the leader coaching on their productivity in the organization.

It is examining the how coaching positively or negatively influences the activities of the leaders. In this literature review, it is visible like that the researcher is somehow partial or biased with the affects related with the leaders coaching. As every aspects related to anything has both positives and negatives so it becomes highly significant to add both the aspects to reach to the conclusion in best possible manner. The introduction should have minor changes as it must reflect why this research going to happen and who will get more benefit out of it. The researcher starts with the introduction with some important elements which have to analyze in the further section.

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But if the researcher have included why this is going to happen will persuade the reader to read it more as they will relate somehow with their personal or organizational issues. The research has not included the both aspects related to the leaders coaching that if the leaders coaching would be conducted on frequent basis may hampers the overall cost of the production as the expense related to the methods and ways to develop coaching is very high which is not mentioned by the researcher in the literature review. While analyzing and reviewing the published or peer


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