The Latin word means “for life”. It

The concept of giving live microorganisms for the purpose of enhancing one’s intestinal health and general well being is referred to as “probiotics” (Daniel J.O’ Sullivan) was traced back into 20th century.

It is derived from Greek and Latin word means “for life”. It is defined as live microorganisms administered in adequate amounts which confers a beneficial physiological effect on the host (JMT Hamilton – Miller). Most commonly used probiotics are Lactic acid bacteria and Bifidobacterium (salminen et al., 2005).In 1908, Eli Metchnikoff a Russian scientist who received Noble prize for replacing harmful microbes with beneficial microbes for mitigating intestinal illness.

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He theorized that Bulgarians are healthy and long lived people because of the consumption of fermented milk products had anti-aging health benefits. He named the organism “Lactobacillus bugaris”, while he was living in Bulgaria (L Richards).


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