The concept of a perfect world does not exist. The perfect society has been theorized and discussed in different forms of literature. “VISION” is a society where things are ever changing. There is not a day like any other; similarities, but never the same thing occurring twice.

This is a balanced world in which people live in harmony, yet is not considered your ideal world. If such a perfect world existed, advancements and breakthroughs wouldn’t be necessary. Life would soon become stagnant and eventually die off. People who inhabit this world are content and feel that they have all their needs met.

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“VISION” consists of work, knowledge, and equality; excluding government officials. Living in such a world that mainly focuses on work, follows with rewards. Those who work receive a house, food that is necessary, and clothing that is needed. Anyone who does not obey the simple rule of working shall be exiled or at times executed.

With jobs being given and not chosen, it makes it hard for citizens to excel in a job they enjoy. Although this system disturbs many, they must work to keep society progressing and become more advanced day by day. Education plays a huge role in “VISION” since it’s necessary to expand one’s knowledge. The system of education is embedded in the youths brain to allow society to continue developing in the future.

Knowledge brings better understanding on the overall scheme of things.


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