The companys products must be good and multifold essay

Open more stores at low penetration markets. People maybe know more or less about Pander Bread, enlarge the market that help company improve their brand awareness, also can improve profits. Firstly do the market research include competitors, consumer and location. Know the competitors’ market share in the region. Consumers income and demographics. Secondly let pilot to validate our decision-making is correct. If the effect is good, enter the market. Thirdly we enter the market. Last we measure the strategy.

We will compare the income statement before enter the market and after enter the market. 2. Open new restaurant at high penetration markets nearby office lock and university. Workers and college students are also need quick-service meal and a good environment for meal. 3. Reduce cooperation standards. The advantage is that the company will have more partners. The disadvantage is that the company’s overall competitiveness will decrease. 4. Distribution dough by other professional, transport company.

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The advantage is that the company can spend more time o improve the technology and increase its product. Disadvantage is that other company cannot promise the quality. Design more menus about children’s food. Give children some toys when they buy some food with their parents and make some-size children playground. That can attract children come again. The advantage of this active is that the target market is bigger and the disadvantage is that the risk is high. The first one and the second one may be the priority. Market is the precedence.

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