U.S of the largest cash crops in history.

U.S HistoryPeriod 9October 6, 2014                                       The Columbian Exchange      The Columbian Exchange alludes to duration of cultural trafficking between the new world and the old world. This began after Columbus’ uncovering in 1492 which later impacted the people in drastic manner. Agricultural production increased being the cause of the effect on both Europeans and Native Americans. A few of these positive effects were technology, plants, and the animals.  The people rapidly adapted to these resources and later applied them to their everyday lives.

      To begin with, technological influences began in the late 15th century. Europe was a financial and technological power rather than the Natives found in the new world. Changes began to form after they crossed the Atlantic. A written alphabet was a highly notable amend that is currently used all around the world. It allowed communication between the people which later unlatched the root to education and knowledge.

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Europeans educated the Natives by teaching them how to read and write their European language. It gave them a slight ability to dictate and influence Christianity. The Cherokee language was the intellectual growth of communication and culture.

Although technology was a manual and mental change, nature took a positive effect on its trade into the new world.      Secondly, plants were a huge success in the Americas. There was an amplitude of plants that were discovered such as avocado, chili peppers, sunflowers, and ECT. The dispersal of the potato and the maize were the most important to the farmers. However, sugar cane was a very significant crop in history. It was originated 10,000 years ago in New Guinea.

Columbus introduced sugarcane in his second voyage to Americas which flourished greatly within the new world. Later, plantations developed in Cuba, Jamaica, and Puerto Rico. As people became addicted to the sugar they applied in every day meals; sugarcane became one of the largest cash crops in history.

 Another side of nature had an immense impact on the new world being the animals.

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