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The cognitive model of abnormality is a way of explaining negative or abnormal behaviours from disruptive patterns of thinking. It explains psychological issues as a result due to cognitive processes that are functioning abnormally. The result of negative patterns of thinking is negative behaviors
Cognitive behavioural Therapy (CBT) is based on the idea that how we think (cognition), how we feel (emotion) and how we act (behaviour) all three interact together.
CBT aims to helps people become aware of when they are making negative interpretations, and of behavioural patterns which increase the distorted thinking. Cognitive therapy helps people to develop different ways of thinking and behaving which help to reduce their psychological distress.
Albert Ellis , an important contributor to the ideas behind Cognitive-behavioural therapy and the founder of Rational Emotive Behaviour Therapy ( REBT) discovered what people beliefs are, strongly affected their emotional functioning. Certain irrational belief lead people to feel depressed, anxious or angry and also led to self-defeating behaviours.

Humanist Model
In the 1950’s, well-known psychologists, such as Maslow, Rogers and May, challenged the idea that all behaviours could be explained and treated using old models. Humanistic psychology emphasizes:
? self-acceptance,
? personal values,
? personal meaning
? and individual choice.
Humanistic psychologists believe that everyone has problems and issues that hold them back from reaching their fullest potential.
The model has been influential and widely applied. However, not everywhere it can be applied. In the western countries it’s more accepted that in communal and poor societies where self-actualisation is not highly esteemed.

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