The the towns were deserted. Places like these

 The world population since 1900 has drastically increased by approximately six billion
This increase has happened due to food technological advances in agriculture.With these
new inventions foods can be produced in larger, more efficient quantities. Technology had a
very significant role in agriculture, and greatly increased the popularity of agriculture.
The constantly growing population made farmers produce more crops and work harder
and longer in their fields to grow and sell as much as possible. This also encouraged
farmers to buy tractors and other agricultural products to relieve the workload on

themselves and their livestock. The constant labor farmers underwent to produce these
crops cause the dust bowl of 1930. This giant cloud of dust was caused by farmers
planting and maintaining their crops and releasing large amounts of dust into the
atmosphere causing a giant dust storm.
The population in the United States of America has increased approximately 260
million people since 1900. This population growth has happened due to new agricultural
products and immigrants from various countries around the world. Another cause for
accelerated population growth is new medical practices being discovered and perfected.
These medicines and foods being produced helped people live longer and have more
children allowing the population to increase. The population also increased due to the
discovery of gold. This product brought millions of people across the world to the United
States causing the population to explode during the gold rush. The discovery of oil at
Spindletop also caused hundreds of thousands of immigrants to come to the U.S to
become rich and start a new life in the ” new world.”

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The Texas population exploded when oil was discovered at Spindletop. This
discovery brought in hundreds of thousands of people to boomtowns across the state
hoping to strike it rich. These boomtowns usually lasted until there was little to no oil left and
the towns were deserted. Places like these had a very high contribution to Texas’ population
growth since 1900 and now. Texas’ soil is also very rich attracting farmers looking to start a
new life to the state. The state of Texas is a great all around state for agriculture and had a
great abundance of land for immigrants and other farmers to expand their business. Texas
has many rivers and other water sources that farmers could use as irrigation without having
to produce an irrigation system for their crops. Texas also has many different food sources
whether it be animals or various plants growing across the state. In West Texas there are
plains that run for miles allowing farmers to grow crops in great abundances in a landscape
that is easier to produce crops on.
Overall agriculture helped increase the World, Nation, and State wide population in
more ways than one. These three were all effected by the same thing whether it be
increased amount of crops being grown, new technology, or new resources being found.
These discoveries had a great impact on the population growth in the World and the U.S.   


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