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The Civil War was one of the worst wars that the Americans have ever seen.

This was mainly because it was on our own soil. We also had our own country fighting against each other which also adds to the fact that it may have been the bloodiest wars we have ever had. There many reasons to why the Civil War was inevitable to happen, but the one reason to why to happened was in 1860-1861 when the Union broke up. There are many reason of how the Union broke up just like how the Civil War was inevitable to happen. The Union broke up in the years 1860 and 1861.

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This event changed the way of the world and made the Civil War inevitable to happen. The United States were already divided because of the waging war on whether or not people should keep their slaves or let them go. This caused great division but they still could have prevented the war from happening. The States completely split after the election of 1860 when Abraham Lincoln was elected to become the next president. This election caused the Union to split up as well as the rest of the United States. This was a huge deal because the nation had not been split like this before and a Civil War was about to happen. The south didn’t want Abraham Lincoln as their president and felt as if they were cheated in the poles because the north had more electoral pull and more popular votes. This was a huge step towards the States splitting and this wasn’t the only things that happened.

When Abraham came into presidency he wanted to abolish slavery. The southerners didn’t want this to happen considering they were a major way for them to get money because they couldn’t possibly do all of the work on their own. The north had no need for slaves because of the lack of slaves they already had.

They also had bigger populations and less land so they didn’t need these slaves to work their tiny farms when they could hire help.


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