Essay they get back Lucy tell her

Essay title: The Chronicles of Narnia

Four children are sent to the countryside of England during the war to avoid the air raids. They go to live with an old professor who has no wife, only a housekeeper.

While there, the children find an old wardrobe that if walked through, leads them to a magical place called Narnia.Although, the children did not all enter at once. Lucy, the youngest, of Peter, the eldest, Susan, the second eldest, and Edmund, the third eldest enters first, through the wardrobe and at the lamp post, meets a Faun. When she returns to our world the three other children don’t believe her.Edmund taunts her, and one day follows her into Narnia. There he cannot find her and he meets the White Witch, She tells him to bring all of his brothers and sisters to Narnia.He agrees to her wicked plan thinking she is a nice queen.

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When Lucy sees Edmund she is filled with joy. She supposes that Edmund could back her up this time. So, when they get back Lucy tell her siblings about it, Lucy thinks Edmund will back her up, but apparently out of spite he denies he had ever been in Narnia. You see, both times Narnia was visited it was rainy days. So the next rainy day The House keeper was giving a tour of the house to some people, The house was well known for it’s mysteriousness, and the house keeper often gave tours, and she’d hate it when the children were to get in the way, so as they were coming closer all four children ran to wardrobe, it seemed to have never end. Thus, the four future rulers were in the country they were soon to rein.

Now that they were in Narnia, their journey, and adventure, had begun. Lucy learned that the White Witch took the Faun she had met. So they are on the verge of going back, when they meet a beaver. The beaver brings them to his home and speaks to them of their quest. He tells them of the witch’s doings, and Aslan, the great king of Narnia, and how they are destined to rule Narnia with Aslan’s help. Narnia, is a land where it is always winter with no Christmas, this is the witch’s doing. So the kids decide to right her wrongs.

Although, after they are done discussing Narnia, and the issues it is going through, Edmund is nowhere to be found. Mr. Beaver knows, right away, that he is betraying them to the White Witch. The three children, Mr. and Mrs.

Beaver, quickly, rush to the stone table, where they are to meet Aslan, although there is a detour, they stop to sleep. Meanwhile as Edmund struggles for the witch’s house and finally get there. He reports to the Witch what the beaver has told the children.

The Witch is FURIOUS; she gathers her fastest wolves to catch the Beavers and the children. Then, she takes her sleigh and heads for the stone table; she treats Edmund quite horribly in this situation. Going back to the Beavers and Children that haven’t meet the Witch yet, they hear Jiggling bells of a sleigh. At first they are frightened, but then they realize. It was SANTA!!! They Knew the Witch’s power was weakening because she had made it so it was always winter and never Christmas. But Good ol’ St. Nick was there.

He presented the children with gifts of warriors’ and the beaver’s things that were handy to them. So they headed to the Stone table. Once there, they had seen Aslan for the first time.Aslan was a Great red lion with a solemn face and a great low voice. He had presented him self as a great leader, which he was. He was followed by and army of great gorgeous creatures.

At the stone table, all of the snow had melted away and it was spring now.Aslan saved Edmund form the White Witch’s captivity..

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