The has taken her place of wife,

The Veldt is science fiction story about too much use of technology
in daily life without any limitation can destroy the whole life of any person.
In this story, the innovative house called “Happylife Home” and nursery which
is part of the house is destroying the bond between parents and children. As
children are gone too much into the fantasy world of nursery that they had lost
the feeling for their parents. So the theme of the story is clearly visible
that technology can rule over human beings.

The innovation in “The Veldt” appears to destroy
the simple way of life that existed some time before. For example, When George
just tell his children about turning off the whole house his son peter snapped
on him and tell him who would ties his shoes, brush his teeth, paint for him,
give him bath. By this Bradbury want to demonstrate that the technology is
ruling over the parents. And at one point, when George was about to shutoff the
nursery his son tell that him that “I wish you were dead” (108). So children’s
are no more respecting their parents.

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Lydia Hadley was also feeling that house was beyond her as
it has taken her place of wife, mother and nursemaid. The children were
spending more time with the nursery rather than their parents which was great
example of side effect of using more technology. For example, the house is
providing all the things that children need in their daily life, so they don’t
need the help of their parents any more. It is showing that technology is
overruling the need of the parents.

At last, Ray Bradbury want to tell us about sci-fi home
which George owns can do all their work is achieving a point where it is never again
supportive, howerver unsafe. The Happylife home include the nursery which makes
every fantasy come true, that George Hadley bought it for his children happiness
and enable them to work off their neurons in a healthful way. But the overuse
of that nursery by children left a bad effect on them and at last they killed
their own parents by using the lions in the African veldt.

In conclusion, abuse of any thing is always very harmful. The
Peter and Wendy become desensitized to their parents and nursery become more
important for them as compare to their parents.


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