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The character of Mathilde in the story of ” The Necklace” is unhappy and unsatisfied. Mathilde is the wife of a clerk in the Board of Education that doesn’t make incredible money, so she spends most of the time dreaming of all riches and glory she doesn’t have. In the story Mathilde suffered ceaselessly, feeling destined for all delicacies and all luxuries. We can clearly see everything about her life makes Mathilde unhappy. Mathilde shows us another example of just unhappy she is” She suffered from the poverty of her dwelling from the wretched look of the walls, from the worn-out chairs, the ugliness of the curtain. In the story, Mr. Losiel tries to help her unhappiness by getting her an invitation to a fancy party, that didn’t cheer her up. Mathilde gets upset because she didn’t have anything to fancy to wear, so her husband give her $400 Francs to buy a dress even though she has a perfect dress in her closet. Mathilde wasn’t satisfied, so she wanted a necklace, so she borrows a diamond necklace from her rich best friend, that she lost it at the party. Spend ten years of hard labor to pay off all the debts she borrows to replace the necklace. Her dissatisfaction and pride lead to her downfall causing her to lose everything she has, including her youth, beauty, and modest way of life but at the same time causing her to grow, accept her life and respect her husband humble ways.

Topic: Poverty

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