The about Catherine”. She tells him this ironically

The character of Eddie is not only annoyed because they are late, he is only bugged because they went out. When Eddie got bothered with Catherine and Rodolpho, Beatrice takes notice of the change in Eddie’s character. “B” starts to get more and more jealous because Eddie treats Catherine with more interest than to Beatrice.

At one Beatrice says, ” you are just jealous about Catherine”. She tells him this ironically although it’s true he’s a bit jealous. Beatrice starts to realise Catherine is a threats towards her relationship with Eddie.

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There are more examples of Eddie being over protective like for example, when he says to Catherine, “I promised your mother in her deathbed im responsible for you.”This shows Eddie is being protective about her.The conclusion of the play shows that Eddie got caught up in his emotions and there is no way to go back. Eddie reports to Immigration Bureau that Rodolpho and Marco are illegals, thinking he could prevent the marriage this way.

This tells us that Eddie only cares about himself.


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