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The EmancipationProclamationCurrently, I am able to walk freely throughout the UnitedStates, do business with anyone I like and take part in all the activities thatinterest me whenever and wherever I like, except for places where age and otherfactors prohibit me from accessing. For a long time, since its founding, manypeople in America were unable to do the things that we do today. The mostaffected groups were the blacks and the native Indian communities who could notlive freely outside of their reserves.

The mistreatment and abuse of the blackpeople were very common since many of them were still slaves and not consideredas American citizens. As history shows, it would take a war, the Civil War, andvery public proclamation, the Emancipation Proclamation, to accord the blackpeople equal rights in America.  The Emancipation Proclamation was an executive order issuedon January 1, 1863. In it, the President of the United States, Abraham Lincolndeclared that slavery was abolished in the southern states that were part ofthe Confederation.

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The Emancipation Proclamation did not directly end slaverysince slaves in the northern states that were part of the Union, as well asthose in the Border States were not freed by this executive order. In additionto ending slavery in the southern states, the Emancipation Proclamationdeclared that the freed slaves could join the army in any position even assoldiers. As such, many slaves joined the Union and fought to defeat therebelling Confederate states.

The Emancipation Proclamation changed the causeof the civil war, acting as the turning point that ensured the Unions victory. Many Americans in the recent times enjoy freedoms andliberties that were not common for all people in the past. Before and duringthe civil war era, black people in America were not considered Americancitizens, and as such, they did not share the same rights to the whiteAmericans.

Many black people were slaves in both the north and the south. Todayblack people are distinctively identified as American citizens, and they form avery critical part of the American society and identity. Black people enjoy thesame rights and protection from the constitution just as the rest of theAmerican citizens. As an American citizen, the Emancipation Proclamation didnot only change the cause of the American civil war, but it created the societywithin which I thrive in today. The high rate of integration of different raceshas allowed me as a person to appreciate my country for all its struggles andvictories. The history of America is filled with numerous difficult situationsthat required tough and fair choices. In every situation, more so during thecivil war, it was very important that our leaders were able to make the rightdecisions even when they were unpopular. The Emancipation Proclamation is anexample of the astuteness of American leaders and their intention to build afree country where all people could prosper.

Just as the founding fathers didtheir part commendably, we should as American citizens, forever commend andappreciate our fellow citizens of the civil war era as well as the governmentthat ensured freedom for all people in the United States. The citizens of Americaduring that era were able to keep true with the spirit and desires of thefounding fathers. Today we study the American civil war as an important partof America’s history. The American civil claimed the lives of many Americancitizens, all of whom fought for what they believed in as their right and duty.These men and women cannot be forgotten for their contribution to this greatcountry, for they showed us that in America, every person has the right tofight for what they believe.

They demonstrated the willingness of America topay the ultimate price for the freedom and liberties of all its citizens. Forthis reason, I am forever proud of my country and fellow men, and I will notshy when my time to defend the values of my country has come. The Emancipation Proclamation was an important step for thecountry, a step that ensured all people in America would have equal rights andthat the color of one’s skin was not a label for their social status. As I havestated earlier the price that was paid to ensure this freedom was way too much,the ultimate price. As such, the death and destruction that ensued is a reasonwhy as Americans we must continue to protect the freedom and liberties of allour citizens. It is a shame that today, even worse mistreatment occursthroughout the country; a behavior that belittles the sacrifices made duringthe civil war, and similarly disregards such important historical events as theEmancipation Proclamation. For those who continue to deny other people theirfreedom, it is important that they know that 800000 people died and lost theirabilities to function normally fighting for equal rights and freedom for allAmericans.

It should not take another massive loss of life and function forAmerica to understand the price of freedom and liberty for its entire people.As Americans, we should learn from those who went before us, from thedevastation that was the civil war and avoid the current disrespect for oneanother and the inhibition of other people’s freedom. On the day January 1 1863, America began its journey towardsputting an end to slavery.

Slavery can never be justified, but it can beidentified as a necessity that at the time, served the interest of the country.The country can never be fully apologetic for the acts of enslavement, but itcan heal. If anything, then the lives lost during the civil war should meansomething to the bitter black people who continue to ponder on and brood overthe mistreatment of their ancestors.

I have learned that for every wrong actionthat the American nation took, it has taken an equally opposite action that hasensured the wrongs were remedied. The Emancipation Proclamation was such actionthat the country took to remedy the effects of slavery on the black. TheEmancipation Proclamation identified the black people as citizens of America,and granted them equal protection by the law. This step was a very crucial stepthat started to heal the difference between the two racial groups thatdominated the country at that time, and even today.

Apart from recognizing black people as American citizens,the Emancipation Proclamation began the process of including black people inpolitics and other social processes in the country. For example, for the firsttime in the history of America, the Emancipation Proclamation made it possiblefor the black man to cast his vote and choose leaders. While there was still along way for the black man to go as far as these rights were concerned, thisstep was very critical in the process of ensuring that the country fullycommitted to its intention to end slavery.

Today as American citizens, we allhave a say in who becomes our representative in all the levels of government.This is not a very little issue with the emancipation Proclamation making itclear that all citizens deserved equal right to participate in the politicaland administrative roles in the country. The first black American president,Barack Obama was able to win votes from a huge number of people from all races,becoming the culmination and the realization of the freedoms fought for duringthe Civil War. Therefore, it gives me joy to know that as a country, we remaintrue to the desires and dreams of our founding fathers as well as the othergreat leaders and people who have come before us.

Today the 13th, 14th, and 15thamendments exist in law and act as protection for the equal rights of allpeoples in America. These changes in the law are the result of the EmancipationProclamation that started the initiative to end slavery and recognize everyAmerican citizen as being equal. The 13th amendment protects againstslavery and ensures that not ever again in America will a man or woman, of anyrace or ethnicity be put into slavery. As part of the law, the 13thamendment is the action that demonstrated the country’s intention to abolishslavery.

No other action carries with it the impact that the 13thamendment to the United States Constitution does in regard to making allcitizens equal. The 14th amendment was critical towards theimplementation of the 13th amendment. Taken directly from thestatement of the Emancipation Proclamation, the 14th amendment gavethe black people a right to citizenship and equal protection rights. Byidentifying the black people as American citizens, the law clearly stated thatnothing that shall not be done unto a white person by law should be done to theblack person. As such, it outlawed acts such as flogging and other forms ofviolence. The 15th amendment is critical since it gave the newlyfreed slaves, at least the men in that group, the right to choose their leadersand representatives in the state and national level. Nothing defines equalrights as the right for all to participate in the political process ofselecting their leaders and representatives. Through this amendment, the blackman’s voice meant something, and his choice was likewise an empowerment to makea good life for himself and his family.

ConclusionThe Emancipation Proclamation is a very important part ofthe American history, but most importantly, it is a very critical aspect of thehistory and journey of the black man. The black man was able to move from beingslaves working the fields, and subjected to all kinds of inhumane acts to freecitizens with equal rights to their fellow Americans. Since the EmancipationProclamation, we have all of us as Americans, shared the pains and suffering aswell as the victories and prosperities with one another. I wonder why we shouldstop now.

American citizens should continue to coexist with one another as ourancestors who came before us intended. They laid their lives so that as apeople we could realize the importance of working and living together. In theend, when an enemy comes to fight us or when we are faced with a calamity, weonly have ourselves to rely on.

It is, therefore, important to acknowledge andcelebrate one another despite the color of our skins, the accents with which wespeak, and most importantly, the God we pray to.


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