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The last quote that I found to be particularly profound and insightful was this quote as in someway it speaks to all the main themes found throughout this novel. It speaks to the themes of prejudice, racism, coming of age and so forth. This quote is simply a very straight forward summary of the entire novel in one sentence. It is here where Scout truly matures, as she is at a state in life where she is able to understand everything that is going on. She understood that in Maycomb, racism was widespread, no amounts of evidence would help Tom in any way, as he was black. There was the unspoken rule that the words of a white man, were far more superior than those of a black man, nothing about this could have been changed.  No one truly felt any remorse for Tom, they couldn’t care less about his death, as like it or not it didn’t seem to really change their life at all.

        Mr. Underwood, one of the few people who was on Tom Robinson’s side, realized how vacuous and cruel his society was. He goes as far, as comparing the death of Tom, to the senseless slaughter of songbirds.

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Tom like a mockingbird meant no harm whatsoever, he was misinterpreted and held accountable for something he wasn’t very much involved with. The men who falsely testified to Tom Robinson’s abuse and rape, harboured racism, hatred and fear inside their hearts. Despite the lack of evidence and the Ewell’s’ testimonies, Tom was convicted due to the biased and racist opinions of him from the prejudice jurors.If Mayella had been quiet from the start and not accused Tom of her own wrongdoings, he might have still been well and alive right now. She was a poor, uneducated women who couldn’t face the likes of her own father. Her selfishness and cowardness resulted in the death of a man she had strong feelings for, who did nothing but help her.

Atticus who knew that the Ewells had no reliable evidence to testify against Tom, decides to fight for equality and the injustice Tom has to face, yet still losses due to superiority of white people during that time period.Unlike Tom, I’ve never faced anything to the extent that he has, but I do have a sense of how he is feeling. Having a brother there have been many times in my life, where I’ve been put in situations with him, where I have had all the evidence against him, yet the frustration I feel, when my parent chose his side over mine, due to the fact that I am more “mature”. My experiences are not as complicated, as Tom Robinson’s in the sense of fighting for equality, stopping discrimination and racism, but I do understand as what he could be going through.

He has the right to a better life and if it is not him who will try to change it, no one else will do it for him. Atticus, despite knowing that his chances of winning were slim to none took up the case to protect his integrity and his faith in humanity as a whole. He didn’t want to give up on a man who stood a chance, who had a family to take of and who had potential in life.         In the end, Scout’s perspective of life, has finally evolved.

She was no longer the naïve little girl from the beginning of the book, but now had a broader sense of perspective. She understood the secret that hid being the doors of Maycomb, the inevitable truth that people of colour had to succumb to in her town. She understood what it meant to have white privileges and how injustice and inequality ran havoc in her town and the distress it left behind.

She now had a new perspective on life, and it was up to her whether she would stand up for what she did or didn’t believe in.   


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