Life novel, the main character Taylor Greer

Life is constantly changing, like clouds in the sky; always shifting and turning.People never really know which way life will turn next, bringing them fortune or failure.When you look at how things change it is best to compare it to something that you can relate it to.The changeable nature of life can be related to the novel “The Bean Trees.

”This is a book written almost entirely on dealing with changes in the characters lives. The Changeable nature of life affects us all somehow.Whether it be moving to a new city, having children, or losing people that we love, it can affect people in many different ways.For example, in the novel, the main character Taylor Greer changes her name from Marietta and moves from Kentucky to Arizona.She escaped the life that she didn’t want and started a whole new one with new people, and new surroundings that were very different for her.

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She even ended up with a child along the way.A native woman gave her a girl when she stopped at a bar along the roadside.All of these events were drastic changes in the way that she lived her life, but they all turned out for the better. Everyone adjusts to change differently.For example, the character Lou Ann, had a baby and her husband left her.

There are several ways that she could have handled it.On one hand she could have said, “To heck with him, good riddance.”But she chose to take it hard, she slipped into a form of depression and was easily pushed around by others, because she was afraid of them leaving her if they got mad.

Taylor helped her change all that. Some people adjust to their changing lives better when there is someone there beside them going.

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