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The catcher and the rye is about the struggle of a boy to find a point to his life.

The author of this masterpiece, J.D. Salinger, gives a flawless performance of the thoughts and feelings of a skeptical teenage boy. Holden Claufield despises the world of phonies he has come to understand.He doesn’t have many friends, and he is failing in all his classes.He has many problems along those lines, and some how, all of his problems can be related to his younger brother’s death.Holden will come to find that life is what you make of it and some times having a family that cares for you, is incredibly important. Holden is quite the negative type, for whatever reasons.

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He takes interest in nothing because he can easily find a logical reason why not to.He doesn’t even portray in social collaboration amongst schoolmates, aside from Stradlater and Ackley of course.He obviously does not join sports, plays, and other related activities, most likely because they are all too social.Holdens relationship with Stradlater, a GQ roommate, was more of a pastime activity, rather then a real friendship.Though Holden is a rather negative guy his thought structure is pure, and he is in general a good person with a free mind.

Holdens disappointments all share a common center of rotation. “people” is the key problem. He doesn’t like how they work, how they pretend to be something they are not.

Like an indirect lie that is shoutedwith out a word being said.It is people that make the worlds a huge and utter disappointment to Holden.He even has a name for such people, he calls them “phonies”. The reason for the name is quite self-explanatory.The other type of people that disappoint Holden, are those who are with out respect for anything.The type that only care about what is important to themselves.Ones who would write an obscenity where children play, for self-amusement.Holden doesn’t like these types all, but he keeps his thoughts to himself and remains at peace.Though Holdens negativity and disappointment level is great,.

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