The global death to occur particularly in the

The Cancer burden has become a huge steadily emerging Public Health concern that at large continues to receive minimal priority in Africa especially in the Sub Sahara even though the incidence of cancer in the region has markedly increased.

(Kimani et al, 2017). In 2012 alone according to Parkin et al, 2014), the incidence of cancer in Africa was 6% (847000 new cases) with a mortality of 591,000 cases of which 75% of the global burden was in the Sub Sahara Africa. Prostate cancer in men and Breast cancer in women are the commonest cancer in the region. Furthermore, it is estimated that in the next decade more than 20 million people will be diagnosed with cancer annually with over 70% of the global death to occur particularly in the Sub Sahara Africa and other low income countries in which 82% of the world population lives (Kimani et al.

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, 2017). This increase will therefore necessitate a huge demand for professionals in the care and treatment of cancer more importantly in cancer induced pain. However many Sub-Sahara countries have not yet prepared to address this epidemic. Thus there is a huge unmet need to scale up the uptake of cancer screening, early diagnosis, treatment and palliative care services in the region(Zubairi et al., 2017) (Kimani et al., 2017).


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