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The Camera Never Blinks TwiceDan Rather begins his story by recounting a humbling experience in which a stranger saved him the embarrassment of giving a speech in front of thousands of people, with his zipper down. It is fitting that he would open with such a story because many kind strangers have helped him along his way and it is shown throughout the book as he recounts many of his journalistic adventures.Many times while traveling in foreign countries, Rather has relied on these kind strangers and traveling partners to help get him through the foreign countries safely, the stories he needs, and back home safe with his family.After the Soviets invaded Afghanistan in 1979, Rather and his team were determined to get the story from inside Afghanistan.

As they set out on the perilous adventure they chose a young Afghan, Mirwaz to lead them through Afghanistan and to the heart of the story.Mirwaz was able to safely lead Rather and his crew across the Afghan deserts and through rice paddy fields while they were periodically shot at and circled by Soviet aircraft.“With God’s grace.

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Luck, and Mirwaz’s leadership, we walked into Afghanistan and we walked out,” (p.39).Rather clearly acknowledges the importance of the guidance received from Mirwaz as he guided them through the deserts and kept them safe from many close calls with the Soviet armies.He successfully got the story first and exposed the truths about what was really happening in Afghanistan.In 1990, Rather emerged on his first vacation in 30 years only to find himself compelled to get yet another story.Saddam Husein had sent his Iraqi troops across the border and invaded Kuwait.From the beginning it was a race to get into Baghdad, one that he lost to Ted Koppel.But later, thanks to Hamoud, Rather’s contact in the Iraqi government, he got the first interview with Saddam himself.During their discussion, Saddam expressed his strong feelings throughout the interview.

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