Character do not exist independently of each

Character Log

  • Buck- self proclaimed “city dog” He lives on a large estate in the Santa Clara Valley.

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    Buck is a rather active dog that spends his time swimming and hunting. After Buck is dog napped and carted off to Alaska to be used as a sled dog his entire demeanor and mentality changes. He realizes that here nothing will be given to him and he will need to fight with all his might if he wishes to survive.

  • Manuel- the treacherous gardener of the estate who steals Buck and sells him for a bit of extra money.

  • The red sweater man- this man teaches Buck the invaluable lesson of primitive law. The law of club and fang
  • Perrault- Canadian government worker
  • Curly- a good natured Newfoundland
  • Francois- a French-Canadian half breed, a fair man calm and impartial when disciplining the dogs
  • Dave- morose and gloomy, just wants to be left alone
  • Spitz- the brutal lead dog on the sled team, fair in a sense when issuing justice but vicious all the same
  • Billee- good natured
  • Joe- sour and introspective
  • Sol-leks -much like Dave, he is just there
  • Pike- clever and fox like, a thief
  • Dub- a clueless fellow often getting blamed for the others misdeeds
  • Hal- a young man in his 20’s and very callow and immature.
  • Charles- a middle-aged man with watery eyes and a mustache that twisted vigorously up.
  • Mercedes- Charle’s wife and Hal’s sister.

  • John Thornton- a friendly man who saves Bucks life. This man is the ideal master and Buck falls in love with him.
  • Skeet- a female Irish settler that was with John when he rescued Buck.
  • Nig- a large mixed dog with a friendly nature.
  • Hans & Pete- I put these two characters together because they do not exist independently of each other in the story. They are both the quiet and observant partners of John.
  • Mathewson- a boastful man who bets John that Buck cannot pull 1000 pounds of flour on a sled by himself.
  • The hairy man- the apparition of an ancient caveman from possibly the time when humans just began to domesticate dogs.

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