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Essay title: The Call of the Wild

Affection- The Call of the Wild is a book that gets you emotionally involved by getting you attached to Jon’s dog and their connection. From the beginning you can tell that Buck (Jon’s dog) takes a liking to Jon. He started out as a mean spirited dog but softens when he gets to know Jon.

If you like touching stories, this book is just that.Bandwagon- If “everyone” does something, then most people want to join in. That’s exactly what Jon did in this book. He heard about all of the people traveling north to the Klondike for gold and he wanted to do the same. Many people follow the “pack” and can relate to this story.

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Authority- If someone of power or authority does something, it is easier to follow, just like how the Mayor of the town Jon was from went to the Klondike. That helped Jon make his decision about going also. Value Judgment- Family values are important to a lot of people.

Charlie, an Indian guide that Jon became friends with, had a family and left them to go with the others to the Klondike. He realized during the trip that he needed to go back to them because he was abandoning them. He left Jon and went back.

He later returned with his family. That proves that he was a man that had good values and cared about his family. Acquisitive instinct- Most of the people that went to the Klondike went to find gold, because they wanted more than they already had. Lots of us do that same thing. We always seem to want more than.

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