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Title:The Call of the WildAuthor: Jack LondonType of book: Fiction Date Completed: September 12, 2001Summary: The novel, The Call of the Wild, follows a four-year-old mixed Saint Bernard and Scottish shepherd, named Buck.In the beginning of the story, Buck lives in the home of Judge Miller, located at Santa Clara Valley, California.In Santa Clara, Buck lives a luxurious life.At the time of the story, gold is discovered in the North.With this discovery, the value of large dogs like Buck escalated dramatically.

The dog’s value was due most to their ability to haul heavy sleds through the abundant snow.Unfortunately, Judge Miller’s servant, Manuel steals Buck to sell him to a band of dog-nappers to pay for his accumulating gambling debts.The ring of thieves that bought Buck is gaining a secure banking by trading the dog to northern executives.Buck, who has had an easy life so far, does not adapt well to the terrain as the other canines do.Buck does not easily tolerate the confinement and mistreatment of his new authority.Buck’s gains the misconception, which then is an aide that any man with a club is a dominator and must be obeyed. After an expedition into the North Buck discovers his new location and temporary home.Once arrived buck rapidly accommodates to his new environment.

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Buck masters many skills that are mandatory to survive in his new habitat.Buck discovers that he can rely on his animal instinct and basic intellect to acquire the essentials to exist in the tundra.One of the most significant concepts learned by Buck is that while being attacked his must take an offense to survive.Another essential concept Buck grasps is that he must be at constant alert and that his size makes him inferior to others.

Buck’s quick adaptations assist in his survival. Following being starved for numerous days, Buck’s original instinct to kill and eat raw meat is revived within.During this occasion, Buck is opposed against Spitz, the vigorous, dynamic, hierarch of the sled team.Buck and Spitz have a couple of battles against each other; however, the fight in Buck makes the outcome victorious on Buck’s behalf.

Buck then becomes conductor of the sled team.This rank of authority makes the superiority of Buck even more prominent.During this rank, Buck attains the admiration of his current masters, Perrault and François, who challenge Buck for quite sometime. Buck’s next master is a Scottish man who delivers mail to the northern communities.Grievously, the Scottish man strains the dogs and sets them on a level of difficulty incomprehensible to the dog’s previous endurance.With these conditions most of the pack scatters to the outlying wilderness.Buck, on the other hand, outlasts the treatment.

Buck’s next change of superiors is to three novice explorers.Charles, Hal and Mercedes, the current masters, have no experience in disciplining the dogs or even guiding a dog sled through the tundra.In result to their asinine judgement, the dog’s provisions supply runs out before the trip meets midpoint.In this occurrence Buck is enlightened and sees no reason to put effort forth in continuing.Noticing the lack of effort, the masters severely beat Buck.

Buck quickly disbands his group.Coincidentally later Charles, Hal, and Mercedes fall through thin ice and drown, losing their own lives, in addition to the lives of the canines. Buck encounters a new human, John Thornton, who is healing from frostbite.John Thornton nurtures Buck back to health.Buck takes John Thornton as his new master; however, unlike his previous masters Buck cherishes and respects Thornton.On one occasion, an inebriated man attacks John.Buck responds and exterminates the man.On another occasion, Thornton is caught in the fore of rapids.Once again, Buck rescues his master.Later, Thornton gambles that Buck can pull a thousand pound sled.Buck actually succeeds in the feat, moving the sled a hundred yards.With the currency gained by Thornton’s gambling, Thornton plans an expedition into the wilderness in search of a legendary gold mind.During this time, Buck often sneaks into the environment and stalks wild prey, runs with the wolves, or catches salmon.After one such adventure, Buck returns to camp only to discover that Yeehat Indians had murdered John Thornton.Buck revenges his master and annihilates many of the Yeehats.After John Thornton death, Buck is unbound to the loyalty to his master.Buck hears his “call to the wild” and joins a pack of wild wolves, thus, ending the story.Discussion:.

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