The advertisers. The remaining 43% will be mainly

The bulk of tokens will be offered during the pre-sale and the main sale. The residual tokens will be dispersed among advisors, the team and bounties. OPTin will use the funds raised in a to increase adoption. About 57% of the funds will be used to increase awareness, purchase adoption and attract large advertisers.

The remaining 43% will be mainly used for technology and product development.The OPTin Blockchain allows users to buy OPTin tokens with Fiat (USD, EUR) as well as cryptocurrencies (ETH, BTC, BCH, XRP, LTC). Every investor will receive a personal address after signup and e-mail confirmation, and buyers can send tokens from their exchange wallets. In order to receive the OPTin tokens and make them visible in your wallet, you are required to specify your address from an ERC-20 compliant wallet; Do not enter address from your exchange wallet.

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