The Buddha of Suburbia is

The Buddha of Suburbia is a texture rich of mixed messages ,mostly, Kureishi wants to give an idea about the people of today’s multicultural British society who suffer from identity crisis , hybridity, racial discrimination and how they survive with these difficulties. Actually they try to manage and adjust themselves to exist in their respective societies.3. Identity crisisThe theme of identity crisis is severely depicted in every character throughout The Buddha of Suburbia. Haroon, for instance, although his religion is Islam, he turns back to eastern spirituality, Buddhism , but he does not wholeheartedly belong to any spiritual form. He pretends to belong to those religious schools by only mimicking their practices.

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Haroon hardly tries to imitate other’s culture and behaviors to be accepted in the white’s society but he never succeed. Thus, he creates or adopt a new identity to fit in .Haroon`s status returns us back to the insights regarding identity status by Bhabha and Hall. Particularly, Bhabha explains that identity should not be perceived from only one angle, but from the dual characteristics that give birth to a specific identity which he cannot be described by either his Indian culture or his British association.

Karim also passes a long journey to discover that identity is not a fixed phenomenon but it changes and develops throughout life. (Hall’sview about identity) and only one accepts his life, others will accept him (Sezer 6).


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