The of technological, political, and religious revolutions.

The Bronze and Iron age contained plenty of technological, political, and religious revolutions.

The art of smelting, and shaping metal also became prominent in this time period, however these two ages shared many differences as well. The rarity of bronze compared to Iron was one of the many reasons to change metals. The Iron age also consisted of more religious, and political revolutions compared to the bronze age.The Bronze age started in the middle east, with a rich amount of bronze at their disposal.

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These resources led metals like copper, and tin to be smelted, and shaped to create weapons, and tools. The Iron age mastered the shaping, and smelting of stronger metals including iron. The metal Iron was far too difficult to smelt back in the start of the Bronze age, as the melting point of this metal was too high, to reliably reach in a controlled environment. The Iron age also used this ability to shape metal to create tools, and weapons, similar to the Bronze age.The ability to find Iron in the late Bronze age, with the more advanced smelting methods led to an overtake of Iron as the metal used to make tools. Bronze metals were only common in the Middle east, leading to people in Europe, and Asia having to get their metal imported leading to increased value of Bronze. However, Iron was a very common metal, and after the ability to smelt Iron consistently, the demand for Iron tools skyrocketed, due to its cheaper price, and greater durability.The Iron age in contrast to the Bronze age also carried more political and religious changes compared to the bronze age.

This difference was seen with the multiple changes of religious beliefs of people and political associations in this age. The Bronze age however, was more involved with the metals rise in popularity, and the soon strides in civilization the metal made. This transition of Bronze age as exclusively Bronze weapon and tool related to the Iron age’s Religious, Farm equipment, and political changes show the change brought to the world between these two ages. The Bronze and Iron age are some of the most well known time periods in modern history. The similarities and differences they share show how much the world has advances between these two ages that only took up about 1000 years of history.


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