The 1st important point is the quality.

The brand of Starbucks has over the years achieved success with its ethical business. They usually focus on the quality of product and customer service. Differentiation is the main idea behind the company’s success. There are three main significant things that separate the brand from others. The 1st important point is the quality.

The company’s brand only serves quality premium coffee. The brand of Starbucks signifies quality, which is planted in their consumer culture. The brand is very well-known in the sense that in year 2011, the company redesigned its logo, and withdrew the words Starbucks Coffee from its logo without any fear of losing its identity.The company’s brand has globally spread to become an international brand, which is known for nothing but excellent customer service, ethics, and quality coffee.

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This has helped the brand built a consumer loyalty and gained the position of number one coffee brand on the market. The numerous strengths of Starbucks can easily be identified right at the top or surface. Using the VRIO analysis shows an in-depth investigation of the resources that have helped Starbucks to generate a viable competitive advantage.


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