– people we work with, our prices and

– The brand and values of the company are portrayed to the audience in many ways. This is how we advertise the business. For example this could be our routes of communication, people we work with, our prices and even our logos. Some values of our company are how we all communicate and work as a team. It is very important to help each other with tasks and responsibilities as it makes work more efficient and improves quality. Another value of ours involving communication is keeping our clients close and updated at all times.

Therefore it eliminates any chance for miss communication and confusion.When taking on clients we believe it is important for them to know our values so they can understand what sort of company they are working with and what they should expect. We ensure that they know our main value is quality. Our priority with each job no matter the price is only made with the best quality. This creates a look for our brand that we work to a great standard. Values of Ogle Models:– Passion: Employees that are committed to the success of the company in heart and mind.

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– Inquiring: If it hasn’t arrived, or isn’t what was specified, sorting it quickly is very important. Making sure all questions have been asked and all information has been received.– Engage and work with customers to solve their problems– Take responsibility for any problems caused by their own mistakes– Dedicated to having the best customer service and being knowledgeable about the products– Sell only the best materials for the processes they supply, at more reasonable prices than competitors.


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