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The BookwormsThe Bookworms, a group of people consisting of 3 boys and 4 girls, read one book a week. The Bookworms have brown, blond and black hair. They have pale skin, because they don’t go outside very much.

They all love the color red; they try to wear something red each day. They have an identification badge that they have with them that marks them as a Bookworm. This group has some great qualities; they are very patient, kind, generous and quiet but when they speak, they speak in a loud monotonous voice. They do not like to take risks; they do what they have to do and nothing more.

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They have great marks at school, excluding gym. They tend to study hard for tests and they don’t play sports.The Bookworms think that sports are a waste of time; they think they could read a book about sports and have just as much fun as playing them, with no safety precautions. It is for this reason that the bookworms don’t communicate very well with the Jocks. The Jocks think that the Bookworms should learn to get out more. They think that the Bookworms have no fun. They tend to avoid each other because they have nothing important to talk about with each other. The Bookworms are very good friends with the Brains.

They like the Brains because are on the computers all day. The Brains also have the same interests. The Bookworms know that this group is very intelligent. They enjoy having conversations with them about school work.The Pinks, a group of girls who think they are better then every one else don’t get along with the Bookworms. They try to copy off the Bookworms tests but the Bookworms always tell on the Pink’s.

The Pink’s for this reason dislike the Bookworms.An average report card for a Bookworm would be in the 75% to 85% range. Their mark drops dramatically from physical education. The Bookworms are Catholic and they attend church together every Sunday usually volunteering to read the gospels.

They also like to go to reading clubs. Their favorite hang out place is the library, where they meet 2 times a week. They like to raise money for the library so they can get some new books.

They go around town asking people for used books. They come from middle class families. They come from a rather quiet neighborhood with no young children. In their spare time they like to read, help out with chores, plant trees and flowers, mow the lawn or volunteer at a place that needs help. They tend to always have there face in a book, if not they have there hands together listening to the teachers.

In the past the Bookworms were not best friends. They all had the same interests but they were in different social groups. Two of the girls liked to paint and they were in the Art group. They found out that they liked to read about painting more then actually painting.

The other five were in the talkative group. In the talkative group they would always be discussing school.

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