The student. Professor Morrie used to be

The book is about a reunion of a retired college professor with his student. Professor Morrie used to be a sociology professor. He retired because of his diagnosed with Amyotrophic lateral Sclerosis, neurological disorder that disabled him physically. Afterward, he decided to make the best out the time he had left to show people about life instead of wailing. The reunion was because, Morrie was featured on a television program “nightline”. Mitch reached out to his former professor.

In the beginning, he was surprised by his professor’s bad health but soon enough Morrie who had an ability in reaching through to people made him comfortable. After the visit, Mitch started a journey to write one of the most important reports in his career yet he was frustrated to find out that the report will not be published due to legal issues his employer going through. Feeling discouraged, Mitch went back to Morrie and because he learned a lot after his visit that Tuesday, he decided to visit Morrie every Tuesday. With every visit he learned valued lessons about life in different aspects. He recorded the lessons and turned them to this book.

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Meanwhile, Morrie’s health continued to worsen as he become fully dependent on other people. Though it concerned him, he accepted it and sow it as being a child again. He had decided on refusing the widespread culture of geocentricism, self-centeredness and human goodness. His mantra was living a meaningful life loving other people, creating something that gave him purpose and meaning and devoting himself to the community. Through Morrie’s lessons Mitch realized that he had immersed himself in a culture of self-centeredness and chasing meaningless things. He also became aware of the hatred spread by the media leading to major divisions among people. Morrie urged him to adopt a personal culture of selflessness, love and friendship. On their fourteenth visit, Morrie was too weak to speak and they had a heart breaking farewell as he raises his hand to reach out for a hug.

Morrie passes on a few days later. Although Mitch was saddened by his dear friend’s passing, he was thankful for the time they spent together.


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