Essay with themummy’s curse were published in ink

Essay title: The Birth of the Curse

After reading the article “The Birth Of The Curse” I had gained some knowledge of the mummy’s curse and its history. It is an actual curse that seems to exist and is no just make believe. Many newspapers at the time were creating their own unique stories with a large amount of fictional information which led some to believe their stories and the rest to realise it was made up. When a few true incidents occurred such as actual deaths that were endured with themummy’s curse were published in ink it gave many ideas to the journalists who were claiming that many incidents were due to the mummy’s curse to catch the readers attention.

So at this point its quite difficult for many to state if they believe in this curse or if it is just a coincident. It could be a coincident if you really believe that such a large amount of deaths and sicknesses occur to archaeologists just by accident, but that’s quite hard to believe. This so called mummy curse does exist although it does not exactly work the way some see it.

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Theses tombs are sacred and sealed for more than just the purpose of preventing robbers from stealing artefacts, gold and other items that the spirits will need in their afterlife. I am sure that if you were in this persons shoes you would feel the same way if someone had entered your tomb and stole your belongings and moved your coffin and self into a museum to attract business. When King Tut’s tomb was first opened, Sheikh Aly’s canary was eaten by a cobra as he was entering. In late February 1923, Lord Carnarvon was bitten by a mosquito which had led to him to contract pneumonia after he had cut it open while shaving. He died on April, 5th, 1923 which.

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